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2010-10-01, 02:53 PM
Juuuuuuuuuuuuust got my players past 1st level of annoying doom without complaining players! w00t! The adventure I made, The Castle of True Illusions, was a blast, (everything a DM wants his players to do: get them to think outside of the box, face weaknesses, and most importantly: the players have fun) and will be saving it for future use of other 1st level DMing, (may post what I did later)

But now, I am planning an adventure to get the players to 5th level as to start the real campaign, and so far, my plans have been going well.

what I've planned out thus far
- part 1:
Have the PC's reach the port town Ethwhals (E-th-walls), discover 'the taint' affecting the goblinoids, and meet the mini BBEG of these 5 levels and learn of his where abouts
Encounters in part 1 (so far)
2 'tainted' orc
4 'tainted' goblins

- part 2:
Have the PC's find a caption crazy enough to take them to the island, (named 'demon isle' by the locals)
Encounters in part 2
2-4 demon sharkriders (thinking having the tainted orcs ride some sharks that they tainted to help control them)

- part 3:
Land on the island, find a band of hostages and prisoners under the care of rebelling blues, (psionic goblins), and find out what the BBEG has been doing to the locals of this island and the port town of Ethwhals
Encounters in part 3
4 - 6 normal orcs

- part 4:
Plan on how to take down BBEG fortress on the island, (storming, inflitration, est.)
Enounter in part 4
(was thinking multiple normal goblins, and few orcs, and 4 'tainted' orcs)

- part 5:
meet BBEG face-to-face, learn what he has done to the locals, (creating the taint and 'cursing' the blues with there psionic abilities), fight the BBEG's cohort while BBEG escapes
Encounter in part 5
demon ogre

- part 6 - finale
fight and finish BBEG, find out he was but a servant and a tool to a much greater plan under his boss, the wizard 'of the red crown', destroy source of the 'taint', (causing the tainted goblinoids and sharks to revert back to normal)
Encounter in part 6
level [incert level here] caster, utilizing hexs, summoning, (maybe use alchemist or even witch/hexblade??), tries tainting himself as last ditch effort, (Master chymist seems very fitting, maybe counter-balance with serious side effect after so many rounds?)


I need help with a few things
- encounter set-up

I'm wanting the group of 5 to go from level 2 to 5, but I don't know how many encounters to throw at them. I have a terrible tendency to throw too much at them, but I'm wanting this adventure to get them to level 5 and ready for my main campaign. The Gm-esc entry in the PFRPG core book doesn't help me set up both of what I want, and an appropriate challenge. Eg. When trying my real campaign, for the first encounter, I had a Total Party Wipeout :smallfrown:
so, helpful tips I'd like: # of encounters, # of creatures, est.

was thinking just a form of mutegen persisted, I came up with the following description by one of the blues/NPC's
"Its seems that, at the cost of there sanity and life force, they gain great power. Most experiments don't last more then a week we observed. They slowly start to decompose, as though they were wax under hot candles"
will that work? how will the CR change? I don't know what to make out for the exact numbers on these goblin humanoids. I'd also like a demonic feel to them, to give the 'demon' in 'demon isle'
Helpful tips I'd like: making this into a template really, (+cr, not to high, but enough so the players really feel like they're much more powerful and should be careful when fighting them when I throw a few at them, and to think of someway to deal with a group of them, (eg a squad or guards of these tainted orcs)

or anything else you feel like telling me. All help is appreciated ^_^

2010-10-02, 01:16 AM
Figured that the 'taint' would be just using the advance template in the PFRPG bestiary. I would just add and adjust fluff accordingly.

Still, the encounter set up is bugging me :/