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2010-10-01, 03:09 PM
Hi there folks... i'm a long time reader of this forums but i never posted =\ and now i need your help...
Recently a friend of mine started a new campaign at level 1, but with a very fast level up.
I talked with him and told him i wanna make a guy who wants to be next great legend of the world (very much in the spirit of One piece my pc wants to be the king of all heroes...)
My first idea was simply to make a fighter but the dm said it would be cooler if a made a bard... but with lots of changes... because we both agree that the pc would be cooler without magic (yes... i got temporally insanity...)
So the changes where :
No spells at all
D8 insted of D6 for the hp's
Good fort save (so i got a monk's saves)
Bonus feats at level 1 , 4 , 8 , etc
The dm also gave me the chance of choosing feats that i don't have the per-requisites if i would meet them in latter levels, so i pick the feats: Song of the heart (give a +1 bonus to the bardic song bonus, so i give +2 instead of +1), elusive dancer (once per turn i choose a opponent and he deals no aoo to me in this turn) and battle dancer (if i have the bardic song active and walk at least 5 feet i go +2 to hit).
At level 3 i was completely lost on what feat to choose, so the dm helped me saying that he would make a "improved battle dancer", witch gave +2 to ac if the battle dancer is active.
In the next session we will level up again, and the dm says that will not make another feat, so i have to choose one but I'm completely lost...

And it's here where i really need your help guys... what feats would you advise ?

My stats are :
str 17
dext 14
con 15
int 11
wis 10
cha 13

My equipment is a Studded leather, a long sword and a heavy wooden shield... it sucks i know...

Also I'm thinking on put the level 4 point into con, so a gain a bunch of hp's

So what do you guys think that i should choose next level ?
(on a side note it's a very very VERY low magic setting... i don't know if this information is useful or not =\ )

English is not my home language... if you guys don't understand something tell me i will try to explain better

Thanks =)

2010-10-01, 03:34 PM
If this is quite a fighter-ish bard, you could consider taking one of the feats that fighters normally have (ie. Fighter Bonus Feats). Your character has good strength, so why not go for something like power attack?

Alternatively, you could take Combat Expertise so that your dancing bonuses could work defensively.