View Full Version : Auto-Feat Advancement?

2010-10-01, 04:04 PM
Hey all, quick question.

Is there a system out there that has auto feat advancement -- as in, you get better versions of a feat just by leveling up w/o taking those versions. In my mind, it might be a chain like Cleave becoming Great Cleave at level 10.

Is anything like this out there?

2010-10-01, 04:08 PM

Races of War has a bunch of these (http://dungeons.wikia.com/wiki/Races_of_War_%283.5e_Sourcebook%29/Warriors_with_Style#The_Failure_of_Feats), and there's some Tome-associated homebrew which runs on similar lines. It also has armour which scales with your level, though that section is incomplete.

Mind, they're intended for high-optimisation games.