View Full Version : 3.5 gestalt casting lycan

2010-10-01, 06:08 PM
I'd like to build a werewolf character that casts in his raging hybrid form, for a gestalt game with one other player (and maybe a dmpc, but hopefully it won't be necessary). there are no tier 1 classes, but I'm fairly sure the other player intends to use some kind of divine spellcasting, so that's covered.

a wild animal, who channels his fury into spells.

of course, we all know the rage mage is no good. but i like this fix:


and have gotten it approved.

starting at level 10 I think. 2 flaws, no taints, no tome of battle, but everything else is fair game

anybody have any ideas? would I need something like natural spell to make casting in my raged wolf/hybrid form work?

seems like sorc4//barb1/wolf3 is the starting point, going into ragemage on the sorc side and staying barbarian/prc on the other. oh and before i hear all the gospel about losing spellcaster levels, I much prefer melee/buffing to any of the other spellcaster roles, and don't think I'm losing toooooo much. in addition, I want to make sure i get out of barbarian before greater rage and so on, since the ragemage gets it at 7. so sorc4/RM7, that's 11, so I definitely don't want more than 10 levels of barbarian. what are fun ways to go with that? I'm happy with it, anyway. how can I optimize this guy? what base race? what feats? how do I fix the natural spell problem? keep in mind i want him to be good, but not broke. so optimized, but no cheese.

fluff: he's a charismatic and well liked guy, the diplo of the party, unassuming. but in melee, he flies into an animalistic rage and rocks faces.