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2010-10-05, 06:45 AM
Well sometime ago i ran a gestalt campagin and for that one i made this skill now im soon gonna run one agein and need help in ballancing it so no class is buffedet more then other so please PEACH and speciel focus for the Chosen class focus...

One thing need to be explaned before reading, I require the players to chose one side of the gestalt to be the "chosen" side. The chosen side is somthing that just comes natural to them and they can't multiclass or take PRC's on that side (well if they get to the "World well" they get the choice to take a PRC which is chosen for them by the DM which build on their "Chosen")

Chosen Focus 1.03
Chosen focus (cha)
This skill represents the gestalt characters understanding and/or training of his natural abilities.
With rank 1 and every 2 rank after that, that would say 1, 3, 5, etc. you chose one of the abilities below.
Some of the abilities refers to the Chosen Plane, witch are a transparent plane that exists parallel with the prime plane,
All characters that have ever described it tell of a forsake desert plane mimicking the Prime plane with no life but the mental images of gestalt characters.
Check: Special read under each ability for separate DCís
Special: every gestalt character can sense each other just by looking even if the got no ranks in the skill unless one ore both are using Hide Chosen see below.

Sense Chosen
With this ability you are able to look into the chosen plane and sense other gestalt characters in the vicinity even when hiding or through obstacles, but your senses must levee the Prime and you can only sense the Chosen plane.
Check: DC 10 and for each 1 you go over you sense + 10 ft it is a full round action to sense and you are considered flat-footed for non-gestalt characters or gestalt characters which uses Hide Chosen that you donít beat on the opposite roll, it is a full round action to use Sense Chosen.
Special: If a character is using Hide Chosen you can still sense him if you beat him with an opposite roll with the chosen focus skill.

Hide Chosen
With this ability you are able to hold your mental image inside of your self and other gestalt characters are not able to recognize you as a gestalt character just by looking on you.
Check: DC 10 it is a full round to use Hide Chosen and a move equaling action to sustain it.
Special: If a character have the feat Skill Focus: Chosen focus then it is a standard action to use the ability and a free action to sustain it. You cannot use any other Chosen focus ability while using Hide Chosen even the bonuses from Chosen Class Focus.

Communicate with Chosen
With this ability you are able to establish a mental two-way Communication with other chosen over large distances. You can only use this skill with other gestalt characters you know or are sensing with the skill or ability.
Check: DC 15 +1 for each 50 miles, if you wish you can chose to communicate with more than one gestalt character the DC rises with 2 for each recipient besides the first, and the distance is the full distance to all recipients from you, it is only possible to communicate with willing recipients, to use Communicate with Chosen is a full round action.
Special: To use this ability while you use Sense Chosen is a free action.

Transport ChosenWith this ability it is possible to change place with other gestalt characters instantaneous over large distances.
Check: DC 20 +1 for each 50 miles, if there is more than one gestalt characters, at either end of the transport it is possible to encompass them if they are in physical contact with either you or the recipient the DC is raised with 2 for each gestalt character besides you and the recipient, to use Transport Chosen is a full round action, you can only try to use this ability once a week.
Special: It is possible to assist you, bye all who are included in the use.

Chosen Resistance
With this ability it is possible to use your soulís strength to resist things no mortal could ever dream of overcoming.
Check: DC varies, a number of times each day equal to your charisma modifier +1 to a minimum of 1/day, you can roll a Chosen focus skill check and a save when you must roll a save and chose which on you use, to use Chosen Resistance is a free action.
Special: If you have a Soul score you ad this to the skill check when you use Chosen Resistance.

Chosen Skill Focus
With this ability you have learned to focus on the skills of your born talent and can archive things other would find impossible
Check: DC 20, a number of times each day equal to your charisma modifier +1 to a minimum of 1/day, when you use this ability you get a ďskill rankĒ bonus, to all the skills that are class skills for your chosen class, equal to your ranks in the Chosen Focus skill for 1 minute, to use Chosen Skill Focus is a standard action.
Special: With this ability it is possibly to exceed ones max level rank, for the duration of this ability, up to duple normal value.

Force Other Chosen
With this ability you have gotten so good an understanding of your self that you can force other gestalt characters to use a Chosen Focus ability you know.
Check: DC varies, with a opposite Chosen Skill roll were you beat the standard DC of the forced ability by at least 5 you can make a gestalt character use a Chosen Focus ability you know, to use Force other Chosen is a move equaling action.

Chosen Disappear
With this ability you have learned to understand the Chosen Plane so good that you can travel to and from it, but it is dangerous because it is easier to travel to than to manifest back on the Prime afterward.
Check: DC 20 to disappear from the prime and only exist on the Chosen Plane, but the DC to manifest back on the Prime is 35 -2 for each gestalt character within 1 mile of the point you wish to reappear in. to use Chosen Disappear is a full round action, you can only try to use this ability once a day.
Special: When you are on the Chosen Plane you canít use any items, but when you travel at 10 timeís normal speed, and you counts as using Sense Chosen all the time on the Chosen Plane.

Chosen Intercept
With this ability you have learned sense other chosen using Communicate with Chosen and Transport Chosen and you can also intercept them.
Check: DC varies, when somebody uses communicate which you can se or sense you can with a opposite Chosen Skill roll you win listen in on the two-way Communication with out that they discover you and if any body uses Transport Chosen and you are within 1 mile of the straight line between the two destinations you can with a opposite Chosen Skill roll you win chose to take the place of one of the persons or to have all users come out were you are.
To use Chosen Intercept is a standard action.
Special: If you lose the opposite Chosen Skill roll with five or more they sense you and know were you are.

Chosen Class Focus
With this ability you have understood your call in life and have a deeper understanding of your Chosen class.
Check: None when you chose this ability you gain a permanent bonus depending upon your Chosen Class.
Chosen Barbarian: Counts as having 4 more in Constitution when he rage
Chosen Bard: Gets +4 to all bardic knowledge checks and 2 extra uses of bardic music a day.
Chosen Cleric: Gets +4 CL to spontaneous casting and Turn or Rebuke Undead, Heal and Harm are now considered cure and inflict spells for spontaneous casting.
Chosen Druid: When spontaneous casting all creatures has +4 Strength and +4 Constitution likewise the druidís animal companion all the time.
Chosen Fighter: Gets a +2 insight bonus to AC and extra hit points equal to base fortitude save X2.
Chosen Monk: Gets an extra 10 ft slow fall, an extra +10 ft move and +2 DC to stunning blows.
Chosen Paladin: Does max damage with weapon dice when he smites evil also on critical hits, and Aura of Courage is 20 ft and everybody is immune for fear.
Chosen Ranger: He gets +1 to hit with his combat style and a treat against a favored enemy is automatically a critical hit, and gain an bonus speed of +20 ft. when tracking.
Chosen Rogue: Uses a dice one size bigger when he sneak attacks D6 to D8 and does not suffer penalties for using sneak when moving at normal speed.
Chosen Sorcerer: Counts as having 4 more in Charisma when calculating Bonus spells.
Chosen Wizard: Counts as having 4 more in Intelligence when calculating Save DC.
Chosen Psion: Counts as being 2 levels higher for the purpose of manifester level.
Chosen Psychic Warrior: As long as he got 10 or more power points he gets damage reduction 3/-
Chosen Soul Knife: Uses a dice one size bigger when he uses psychic strike D8 to D10, and his range with the soul knife is 30 ft.
Chosen Wilder: Gains an extra +2 wild surges and only have 2, 5 % per manifester level of a psychic enervation (rounded up).
Chosen Hexblade: The DC of the hexblade curse is equal to 10 + the Hexblade class level + Charisma modifier.
Chosen Samurai: Blank
Chosen Swashbuckler: He gains an extra luck bonus equal to his Charisma modifier against the person he is using the dodge bonus on.
Chosen Favored Soul: Gains a domain ability of his deity and the domain spells added to spells known.
Chosen Shugenja: Gains Immunity to his chosen element.
Chosen Shaman: Gains an extra Domain spell on each spell level known and he can use each of his domain abilities one more time a day.
Chosen Warlock: His eldritch blast gain a critical multiplier of X3 and a threat range of 19-20.
Chosen Warmage: He can cast magic in armor one size bigger than normal, and he adds one invocation spell to his spell list it may be taken from any other class and any level.
Chosen Wu Jen: Gains a special spell secret (Maximize) to use like normal.
Chosen Ninja: Gains 2 times the normal ki powers a day and all ki powers last 2 rounds.
Chosen Scout: Skirmish ability gains + 1d6 and +2 AC
Chosen Spellthief: When he steals a spell it consumes the component from the original caster and he can hold the stolen spell for 12 hours.
Special: You canít choose this ability before you know 3 other abilities.

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