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2010-10-06, 03:52 AM
“I don’t understand why we let him participate every year, cebremancery is just a waste of talent we are risking one of the apprentices’ fall for Et-kilner’s speaches of greater the pure arcane and throw away his talent like Et-kilner did.” ~Juriân archmage and wearer of the 4th veil.

Et-kilner wasn’t in a happy mood, it had been the same way as the last many years at the wizard convention, the other wizards were making fun of him behind his back even some of the senior apprentices’ who were there for the first time, they even mocked him when he held a lecture about the advanced properties in the studies of cebremancery and the spellpowers, ohh how they are going to eat their words and give him the respect he deserved.

Tired of being belittled and mocked by both psions and wizards for his mixed studies, Et-kilner have desidet to prove the might of cebremancery and have begun the research into spellpowers, a kombination of a spell and a power.

So I am working on the idea of combining spells and powers to something called spellpowers

could call it Powerspells instead but that just sounds so Arnold Schwarzenegger, it would be like naming a Power: Gamer

The base idea is to allow the cebremancer to cast a spell and manifest a power together as a whole
Spell: Suggestion
Power: Death Urge
Deathwish starts as a normal Suggestion which when completed or dispelled triggers the Death Urge

Spell: Teleport
Power: Trace Teleport
Derail starts as a normal Trace Teleport but when the cebremancer senses somebody teleporting s/he can as a immediate action try to chose a new destination a will save against the teleport will block this effect and the somebody will arrive at their chosen destination.

Breath of the Black Death
Spell: Contagion
Power: Breath of the Black Dragon
Breath of the Black Death is a Breath of the Black Dragon were all who fail their reflex save must also save vs. the Contagion

Blowing Entity
Spell: Summon monster III
Power: Energy Burst
When Blowing Entity is used a monster from the Summon monster III is summoned but with a special add on a dormant Energy Burst, which the cebremancer can set of as a free action.

All I am really needing is the final rule mechanics.

My idea was that if the cebremancer knows both the spell and the power s/he can buy access to the spellpower for (Spell Lvl. + Power Lvl.)X100 XP

Now you can fuse your spell and your power into the spellpower, this is done as a full round action that provokes attack of opportunity (AoO can be avoidet with a concentration check as normal when manifesting powers or casting spells except the DC is 10 + Spell Lvl. + Power Lvl.) If the spell or the power have a casting/manifesting time of longer than a round then its this casting/manifestation time that is used.

So what do you think does it work is it overpowered, should the XP price be higher or lower, should it cost feats instead of XP to gain access to spellpowers…

And whats your idea for new spellpowers

2010-10-06, 03:27 PM
I like the idea. It can easily be kept balanced by avoiding the broken spells and expanding on the solid ones.

Actually, I think one spellpower chosen from a list of three should be class features at every level of the Cerebremancer prestige class.

2010-10-07, 06:49 PM
Actually, I think one spellpower chosen from a list of three should be class features at every level of the Cerebremancer prestige class.

like it but I se a problem here what lvl should these spellpowers be (or more presice what lvl should the components [spell+power] be) because people can enter this class on so many difrent levels.

maybe just make about 20-40 spellpowers and let a Cerebremancer chose one for free each lvl, and let the rest cost the xp

2010-10-08, 12:58 PM
that's a good idea. As long as knowledge of the spell and the power are a prequisite, this is not going to be unbalanced in any way.

2010-10-08, 07:28 PM
so now it just ideas and requists for spells or/and powers we need any ideas

2010-10-09, 06:27 AM
cebremancery is just a waist of talent

It should be waste not waist :smallbiggrin:

2010-10-09, 04:35 PM
It should be waste not waist :smallbiggrin:

was that my only spelling mistake in the first post then im :smallbiggrin: english is not my one of my automatic language (it is one of my bonus languages :smalltongue:)