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2010-10-07, 01:41 PM
I'm putting together a melee fighter focused on charging. Goliath Barb 1 (variant for pounce)/Ftr 6 (Dungeoncrasher)/PsyWar 2? (for Expansion) with PA, Improved Bull Rush, Knockback, Leap Attack, and Shock Trooper. I'm not looking for an Ubercharge build, so this more or less fills out what I want as far as that tactic goes.

My question is regarding secondary and tertiary roles or tactics. I'm not looking for extreme optimization, just something useful and interesting/fun to do when charging isn't an option. Also, maybe there is something I could do better with those Psychic Warrior levels. Feel free to suggest a couple extra levels too, since the starting level would be in the 10-13 range. It's preferable if they are roles I can fill by virtue of class abilities, not just gear, but go ahead and suggest gear, too.


Edit: Thinking it over, 2 levels of PsyWar just for Expansion 1/day or so seems expensive. May relegate size increase to an item rather than class ability. Also reduces my ability score spread, as I wouldn't need Wis for extra power points.

Keld Denar
2010-10-07, 03:19 PM
You could take Hidden Talent at 1st level and head into War Mind at some point. Its a little more elegant than having ANOTHER base class, and has some neato possibilities.

Another thought is a 2nd level of Barbarian with Wolf Totem from UA. Trades out Uncanny Dodge for Imp Trip. This opens up Knockdown as a viable secondary role. Knockdown has a lot of synergy with the abilities you already have. You aren't a primary tripper, just a guy who nearly always has the option to make people fall down because he's big and they are puny little weaklings.