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2010-10-08, 04:44 AM
I'm looking to build a Weapon Master (from S+F 3.0) starting at 10th lvl. My DM is allowing a mix of 3.0 and 3.5 so my thinking is warblade 6/weapon master 4. I am fairly new to the BoNS so was wondering if people could give me advice on manoeuvrers, stances etc. The weapon I am looking at is an oversized glaive.

2010-10-08, 04:47 PM
I suggest you read Tome of Battle for Dummies (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19871270/Tome_of_Battle_for_Dummies). There are some sample warblade builds with suggested maneuvers/stances.

2010-10-08, 06:57 PM
Unless your group plays rather high-powered games, you can do just fine by picking the maneuvers you think are cool.

2010-10-08, 11:36 PM
It's really hard to screw up a ToB build, really, though if you're using a Warblade, it's best to make sure you have Iron Heart maneuvers.

Using a two-handed weapon, Power Attack will work really well, and my favorite simple combo with PA in a Warblade build is Emerald Razor---a powerful strike with a very high chance of hitting.

2010-10-09, 12:02 AM
I'm playing a charger-type warblade in a current game; the maneuver and stance progression I used for levels 1-6 was this.

Level 1:
Steel Wind - Great for dispatching mooks.
Moment of Perfect Mind - Replaces your weakest save with a skill check - using a skill that you'll want to max out anyway. Need I say more?
Sudden Leap - Great for maneuverability. Helps you run away, get to the enemy quicker, full attack and move, leap over chasms, etc.

Level 2:
Leading the Attack - Not spectacular, but lets you qualify for White Raven Tactics later on. Still handy, though.

Level 3:
Emerald Razor - Touch AC is a breeze to hit.

Level 4:
Trade Steel Wind for Wall of Blades - Especially useful with Shock Trooper, Wall of Blades lets you use an attack roll as your AC for a round.

Level 5:
White Raven Tactics - Awesome, plain and simple. If you use Customer Service's totally ridiculous ruling, you can even use it on yourself.

Level 6:
Trade Leading the Attack for Iron Heart Surge - The sunlight need never bother you again. :smallwink:
Plus, c'mon, admit it: you can't really get more badass than IRON HEART SURRRGE!

Level 1:
Blood in the Water - You can take Punishing Stance if you'd prefer, but I chose this because it can stack up some pretty mean bonuses, while Punishing Stance's are outdated fairly quickly.

Level 4:
Leading the Charge - Helps you qualify for WRT, and really, it's quite nice if you have other melee teammates.

2010-10-11, 06:15 AM
Sorry been away from the computer for a few days! Thanks guys this is really helpful :)