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2010-10-10, 11:29 AM
Arcane Ooze Infusion
Armour Enhancement.
Cost: Not good at judging this, so please advise me.

Your armour is infused with the remnants of an arcane ooze, and now draws on arcane energy to survive. It has the unfortunate tendency of making you stretch out or move towards arcane casters if you are not careful

Effect: If you are a spell caster, you may sacrifice a spell slot when you take damage to negate 10 points of damage per level of the spell.
Alternatively, you may steal a spell from another caster. If you are grappling an arcane caster, you may attempt to take a spell from them and store it in your armour by making a grapple check opposed by their will save. You may then store this spell in your armour and use it to negate damage when you choose. Spells stored only last for 14 days the level of the spell, as the armour slowly consumes high concentrations of magic.

If you have an ooze with a cool ability that you'd like me to infuse into an item, tell me the ooze name, ability and source and I'll try to do it :smallsmile:

2010-10-28, 08:11 AM
No one have any comments or requests? :smallfrown:

2010-10-28, 10:14 AM
I'm not overly experienced with such manners, but it seems greatly overpowered. If I read it correctly, it gives you DR 10 per spell level.

2010-10-28, 10:19 AM
I'm not overly experienced with such manners, but it seems greatly overpowered. If I read it correctly, it gives you DR 10 per spell level.

I hadn't looked at it like that. Maybe make it a full-round action that provokes attack of opportunity. After all, Cure Light Wounds at 9th level will give you 10-17 DR (effectively).

2010-10-29, 03:46 AM
Compare (spoilered for length):
Arcane Toughness feat: requires Toughness, immediate action, only works when reduced below 0, heals 1 per spell level.

Companion Spirit sorcerer variant: requires 2 actions, heals 1d6 per spell level

Spell Shield sorcerer variant, requires immediate action, concentration check, prevents 5 per spell level.

Vest of the Archmagi item, extremely expensive (but has other benefits), requires swift action, heals 5 per spell level.

False Life, 2nd level spell, gives 1d10+1/level temporary hp.

Undying Vigor of the Dragonlords, 5th level spell, heals 5d6 and can burn another slot for another 1d6/spell level.

Vigor, 1st level power, gives 5 temporary hp per power point, equivalent to (10*spell level)-5.

What does this tell us? That WoTC hates letting arcanists get healing or damage prevention out of their spell slots, but apparently doesn't give a crap about letting psionicists do it. Arcane Toughness is absolutely horrible, Spell Shield and Companion Spirit are usable only because they're a free trade in place of your familiar, and the Vest is so expensive that by the time you have one, you're running on Heal spells.

So, how's the item? Depends on what you want to balance towards. For immediate action damage prevention, 5/spell level sounds about right. It's enough to be useful but low enough that it's okay as an immediate action, and it doesn't have the stupid extra limitations of spell shield. For proactive spell absorption, I'd steal the formula from Vigor and make it temporary hp. The item should only do one or the other however, and I think action consuming gluttony for extra hp sounds more ooze like than super fast countering.