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2010-10-10, 04:08 PM
I've always loved the idea of the bloodline variant rules (though I think they're horribly broken when going by RAW), and since I'm trying to expand out to new forms of homebrew, I decided to try making one.

In specific, I chose the Couatl simply for the flavor. A creature of intelligence and devotion to good, often worshiped by people in the same area. A large serpent with rainbow feathered wings, and native outsider with psionic and magical abilities. Not to mention the rainbow servant prestige class. Without further ado, the Couatl bloodline.

Couatl Bloodline

Though it's exceedingly rare, there are times when a Couatl becomes interested in one of it's worshipers or makes a bond with a humanoid of similar ideals while exploring the world in their shape. The results of these rare occasions lead to powerful bloodlines.

Those of a Couatl Bloodline are suspicious of people they've just met, but do well in social situations and form strong bonds with those of like minds. Aloof yet magnetic, they are tough to befriend but always pleasant to be around once you do.


1|---|---|+2 on Sense Motive Checks

2|---|+2 on Sense Motive Checks|Improved Grapple

3|---|---|Intelligence +1

4|+2 on Sense Motive Checks|Improved Grapple|Detect Thoughts 1/day*1

5|---|---|Couatl Affinity +2

6|---|Intelligence +1|Telepathy (Su)*1*2

7|---|---|+2 on Diplomacy Checks

8|Improved Grapple|Detect Thoughts 1/day*1|Magic Circle Against Evil 1/day*1

9|---|---|Wisdom +1

10|---|Couatl Affinity +2|Alter Self 1/day*1

11|---|---|Couatl Affinity +4

12|Intelligence +1|Telepathy (Su)*1*2|+2 on saves against poison

13|---|---|+2 on Listen Checks

14|---|+2 on Diplomacy Checks|Fly 1/day*1

15|---|---|Charisma +1

16|Detect Thoughts 1/day*1|Magic Circle Against Evil 1/day*1|Freedom of Movement 1/day*1

17|---|---|Coutal Affinity +6

18|---|Wisdom +1|Plane Shift 1/day*1

19|---|---|+2 on Bluff Checks

20|Couatl Affinity +2|Alter Self 1/day*1|Ethereal Jaunt 1/day*1[/Table]

*1 If your campaign has Psionics, these are Psionic-like Abilities instead of Spell-like Abilities.
*2 As the Couatl ability

I feel the last two P/SLAs and possibly Telepathy are overpowered compared to normal bloodlines, but the former come at the end of the progression, long after you'll have access to magical items that can replicate the effects, and the latter is nothing game breaking.

There's not much to making a bloodline, and not much to really mess up. Despite that, I want to learn as much from this as possible. Pointing out big errors, nitpicks, and other suggestions/complaints are greatly appreciated.