View Full Version : HELP ME BUILD! (3.5 Advice for magical items)

2010-10-12, 12:58 PM
First, a little background.

I'm currently starting a game as a Goliath Knight/Scout Gestalt (the DM required Tier 4 and lower classes) and after building everything, I noticed something out of place. Being that we're playing towards roleplaying and character themes and concepts, it's good to have items built around it.

So, right now on a chest slot I have a Ghost Shroud - but I don't want a Ghost Shroud, because it makes no sense; I mostly just picked it for the ghost touch quality on my attacks. However, I can surrender this for a more thematic item, as my build won't need it. So, I'm looking for an item for a chest slot to fit an honorable knight. I believe I saw one in the Magic Item Compendium, but I have no idea of the name or where to start to try and find it.

Also available is my 9th level feat slot, which I currently have negotiator plugged into for placeholding. What should I do with it? I worked in a Mobility/Spring Attack build so that by level 11 I have a high skirmish option or a full attack option, and now am looking for something thematically appropriate (remember, we're roleplaying in this campaign). At the moment I'm leaning towards Leadership for a cleric or something with use magic device that's somehow appropriate to, say, a squire, or entirely some other feat. All books allowed, except for variant casting system and ToB.

2010-10-12, 01:54 PM
Instead of a ghost shroud, you have the brooch of deathless love. This brooch is an ornate piece of jewellery pinned to the person's shirt. It was created for a tragic baronet whose wife died and came back as a ghost. Unwilling to step over the threshold himself, he had this item crafted to enable him to hold his love even as she was in the afterlife. He was later slain by a vampire, becoming a vampire himself. In revenge, his wife slew his slayer, and the couple live on, vampire and ghost, their keep eventually becoming a haunted ruin.

There you go. Free plot hook for your Gm to build an adventure around gratis.