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2010-10-13, 01:40 AM
Hi there, I was wondering, canonically, what the best cities, oh, five or so in the campaign setting presented in the 3.X books for setting up a magic item business would be, as well as the best cities for doing adventurer style 'quick sales', which is what I presume that 50% price for looted items comes from. This would be DR 1350+, pre spellplague (the DM is going to branch from canon with regards to all the spellplague and tons of gods dying in the late 1370's, 1380's. The specific year isn't really defined too heavily). Ideally, the main idea is they have a large density of wizards, good access to trade and expensive trade goods and gems, lots of powerful adventurers with money to burn go there, and it has a huuuuge population and a lot of demand, and that has a banking system (so presumably some Lawful institutions, access to credit, etc.). Also, it would hopefully be fairly cosmopolitan, with a wide variety of races, and fairly well written up in books and setting materials and stuff. Also, it'd be nice if it specifically a culture that wasn't terribly upset about the idea of magical and mundane innovation! Maybe if it specifically had a lot of temples useful to this sort of mindset, or some wizard's guilds or whatever would be nice... So far I've got, uhhh, Waterdeep. And that's about it... does anyone have any suggestions, or guidelines, or places to look? What are the cities with the largest population on Toril that are also wealthy, trade-filled cities in general? Thanks!

2010-10-13, 02:11 AM
Waterdeep. It's large; it's magical; it's lovely!

2010-10-13, 02:14 AM
I seem to recall that both of the big cities from the Baldur's Gate games (Baldur's Gate and Athkatla) both are good-sized cities via the fluff.

Edit: Consulting the campaign setting, the capital cities of most regions are decent-sized metropolises. Aside from the ones I already mentioned, Suzail in Cormyr might be a particularly good choice.

Keld Denar
2010-10-13, 02:57 AM
I'm sure the Zhents would be more than happy to relieve you of any hard earned magical gear. And your freedom, and possibly your life, if you aren't too attached to it...

2010-10-13, 03:24 AM
There's also Skullport, the dark counterpart to Waterdeep and considered it's undercity. It is a city where all sorts of merchandise can be bought, sold, bartered with, and stolen.
Calimport, home of at least 2 million inhabitants, is a city built on the back of slavery and trade.
Athkatla is the capital of an entire nation devoted to trade, Amn, and trade is given free reign within that city; Waukeen's Promenade, the main trade thoroughfare/amphitheater is bigger than some city blocks. However, there seems to be restrictions in place against arcanists.
Sembia has several cities devoted to the acquisition and generation of wealth and profit, Selgaunt being its most famous.

2010-10-13, 04:25 AM
Silverymoon - ever heard of the Spellguards? Lots of mages, lots of magic
Neverwinter - decent size and very active population
Port of Luskan - potentially lucrative but cutthroat, literally
Menzoberranzan - Drow like magic items
Scornubel - you can find and sell almost anything there
Selgaunt - metropolis, very wealthy

The Rose Dragon
2010-10-13, 04:49 AM
I forgot the exact name, but the capital of Thay. Because unlike most other places, Thay is in the business of actually selling magical items as well, so you can spend your blood money on some shiny new loot.

2010-10-13, 04:51 AM
I'd think Waterdeep is the safest bet. Calimport might be more hazardous, but it's also a good option.

2010-10-13, 04:51 AM
You don't want to live in Thay (capital is Eltabbar), there's entirely too much competition with the Red Wizards, who do not take kindly to competitors.
The Red Wizard have monopolised the artifice and selling of magic items to the extent that all competition is dealt with with extreme prejudice (c.f Lords of Darkness).

2010-10-13, 02:35 PM
Is Ordulin the capital of Sembia as of 1370? Is it the wealthiest city in sembia as of this date? Which city in Sembia has the biggest population or most wealth as of 1370?

2010-10-14, 06:35 AM
Is Ordulin the capital of Sembia as of 1370? Is it the wealthiest city in sembia as of this date? Which city in Sembia has the biggest population or most wealth as of 1370?

Ordulin is the capitol.

Daerlun, Saerloon, and Selgaunt have the largest populations, all over 50,000.

As to which one fits the bill best for you?

Ordulin is described as the "hub", but it's inland, so presumably doesn't see as much pure trade.

Saerloon has less law & order, and more of a conspirator's paradise feel.

Daerlun is the most "proper".

If you're looking in that area, you may also want to consider Westgate, which is very much an open city where anything goes.

Mark Hall
2010-10-15, 11:44 AM
My inclination would actually be Baldur's Gate. It's the gateway to the Further West (Maztica, etc.), on the Sword Coast, being good for both sea and land trade. It doesn't have the wizardly restrictions of Cormyr (i.e. "Must belong to the War Wizards"), but has a fairly stable and reasonably Lawful government (when there's no Bhaalspawn running around).