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2010-10-14, 04:02 AM
So I'm making a a Dragonfire Adept character for someone who has never played D&D before, starting level 6 with starting gold 20k. Race is going to be human. Flaws are allowed if wanted. Almost all books allowed, if you do reference a non-core feat or item, please give the book or link to the source. Homebrew tentatively allowed.

What feats and magic items would GitP recommend I give this character?

I'm thinking of spending all the gold on Con, Cha, and other passive magic enhancement bonuses, but I'm sure GitP can tell me a much better way to blow all that gold.

2010-10-14, 05:45 AM
If they want an extra d6 of damage on their fire breath weapon, have them hold a Masterwork spear with a crystal of least energy assault fire screwed in from the Magic Item Compendium and then have them wear the Cincture of the Dragon. Gives +1d6 damage if your weapon does the same damage as your breath weapon and increases the Save DC by 1. Only costs about 2500ish too.

They'll want armor depending on their dex. It interferes with casting their invocations, but most last 24 hours and they can just cast till they get them up plus it doesn't affect their breath weapon.

Amulets of natural armor stack with their Scales class feature remember as they are an enhancement bonus to Natural Armor.

Dragonfire Adepts can be hugely Con-focused as it affects the Save DC of their breath weapon and enhances survivability. Give them a +2 con item of some kind.

Have them invest in UMD and grab at least a wand of cure light wounds or lesser vigor to top people off after a fight.

Feat-wise you can never go wrong with entangling exhalation, gives the ability to do half damage with your breath weapon so you can entangle your foes and do some damage over time as a battelfield controller. Fly-by attack is great if they pick up the Dragon Wings invocation to let them strafe with fire/ice from above.

Other useful feats are Ability Focus(Breath Weapon) to increase the save DC of the breath. Draconic Aura (Energy) from Dragon Magic will give a +2 bonus to the save against the Breath weapon too.

Here's a link to a level 7 Dragonfire Adept I've built. If your guy doesn't have dex don't use a light armor. http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheetview.php?sheetid=246673