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2010-10-14, 07:06 AM
Short introduction: I'm applying for an epic game run by Fil Kearney. In that game, both Spellfire and Incarnum (both of which my character now has) play a role in the fluff, and since they are already similar in some aspects, I thought: why not combine them?


Touch of Soulfire

[I]A blaze of blue fire leaps from your hands as you mingle the very essences of life and magic...

Prerequisites: Spellfire Wielder, Con 13
Benefit: Once per day, you can invest essentia into this feat. The pool of spellfire levels you can store increases by 2 for every point of essentia invested this way. Once the amount of essentia invested is chosen, it cannot be altered and remains invested for 24 hours.

You gain one point of essentia.

Soulfire Invoker

Your soulmelds flare up with blue flames as power of raw magic flows into them.

Prerequisites: Spellfire Wielder, Touch of Soulfire, Con 13, character level 4
Benefit: 3 times per day, as a swift action, you can channel spellfire into your shaped soulmelds, empowering them. For every 4 levels of spellfire invested, your soulmeld is treated as having one more point of essentia invested into it until the end of your next turn. The essentia invested can exceed your normal essentia capacity, but you can not use up more levels of spellfire than your character level this way.

Morph Bark
2010-10-14, 07:32 AM
Since it is hard to PEACH without knowing what Spellfire is... care elaborate and give the source of it?

2010-10-14, 07:43 AM
It's from Magic of Faerun, a feat that has to be taken at first level. Basically, it allows you to absorb a number of levels of spells and convert the into raw energy, which is fired as rays of fire (it also has a few other uses)

To be quite honest, I also didn't know about it until yesterday.

2010-10-14, 08:55 AM
Thumbs up, man. These look good. Soulfire Invoker is potent, but it has a 3 feat investment so it's good to me. Also just sounds neat.


2010-10-14, 10:13 AM
Fun fact: I came up with the name "Soulfire", then three seconds later remembered that it was also used in the Dresden Files. But it's fitting anyway.

fil kearney
2010-10-14, 10:42 AM
Hey! thanks for pointing this out! :)

I don't think it's imbalanced at all... spellfires don't have have a lot of fire to begin with unless they take the MoF PrC.. and even then Spellfire is pretty inefficient as a 10 PrC... incarnate5/spellfire10/incarnate+5 or whatever is about the worst way to "trick it out"... say, dumping 40+ spellfire at level 15 for 10 extra essentia 3 rounds a day.. you have to first CHARGE those 40 points... which requires you burning either a crapload of wand charges, or throw a stick of dynamite into a wizard's academy, and wait for the inevitable magic missle storm. :)

yes, cool flavor, but not unbalanced at all.

that last 5 levels there though... I could see a plucky lil hybrid PrC pop out of this; maybe up some incarnum, add an extra binding or two while increasing the x/day of investing essentia via soulfire? be a kinda blue soul factotum, yes? (I'm starting to carry on... so I'll let it go for another thread, perhaps)

2010-10-14, 10:45 AM
Would be interesting enough... I could easily kick a few of my Totemist levels for that.

2010-10-14, 02:06 PM
Nifty. Spellfire is rather underpowered, anyways, so getting more out of it wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing.

As for a build, might I suggest perhaps Incarnate/Sorcerer/Soulcaster? You use your spell slots to make spellfire, you use your spellfire to empower your soulmelds. Looks like Win to me. :smallbiggrin: