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2010-10-16, 06:51 PM
My group is playing the Red Hand of Doom, and something came up today that turned into quite the heated discussion, and I am wondering if the outcome was "correct" by RAW or if there was major fudging going on.

Since RHoD is so popular, I'll Spoiler the relevant Info.
So,we set off to the Ghostlord's lair, and the party decided to try to infiltrate through the mouth of the lion "statue" rather than go through the opening between the paws.

So the Rogue/Swashbuckler and I, a drunken master, as stealthily as possible climbed up to the mouth platform with the intention of lowering ropes to the rest of the party who waited below.

While we're up there we find the rope ladder and lower it for the party, when we get jumped by 3 hobgoblin Monk mooks. We made very short work of them, but in the process, the Behir pops out and attacks the party below.

It had cast darkness upon itself, so everyone had to deal with a 20%miss chance.

It gets lucky and crits one of them, and snatches him up in its jaws. At this point, my Drunken Master starts climbing down the rope ladder, desperately trying to figure out how to get there in time to help.

He's hallway down and the Behir is basically right below him. So he drinks a potion of enlarge person and attempts to fall on the behir.

This became a big argument about the rules for falling damage both to and from the falling object (my character)

Unless I am reading the rules compendium wrong, my enlarged character would weigh just under 1400 pounds, which means he should do 6d6 damage to whatever he hits when he lands on them after falling the 15 feet.

With my tumble check of 31, I was able to completely avoid damage to myself.

My DM was unwilling to accept this, despite it being clearly written in the Rules Compendium about falling damage.

Eventually I convinced him it should work, but I was still subject to the 20% miss chance. I didn't see how something large falling straight down could miss something huge directly under him, but if the DM would accept the RAW of falling damage, no matter how unrealistic, I would accept that as well.

Of course I blew the miss chance roll. Which meant I landed someplace several squares away but unhurt since we can't occupy the same space.

Are there better rules for this? Nobody has a problem if I would have dropped rocks or something on the enemy, but as soon as it was my character, everything changed.

I know falling RAW is nothing like real-world physics, but should I be penalized for trying to do something creative and totally within the falling rules?
Should the miss chance have applied? If so, what if I was targeting a square on the ground and missed? (would I have attained flight?:smallsmile: thank you Douglas Adams)
If I would have hit, the DM suggested we would have immediately gone into a grapple, since that is the only way two enemies can share a space.

How else could this have been handled?

2010-10-16, 07:16 PM
How else could this have been handled?You could have just accepted your DM's ruling about the situation, and moved on with the actual game.

Just sayin'.

2010-10-16, 07:18 PM
You could have just accepted your DM's ruling about the situation, and moved on with the actual game.

Just sayin'.

This, really.

Rule Zero exists, you know.