View Full Version : Best PF Domains?

2010-10-16, 09:21 PM
I have a Cleric 5 who is starting to take levels in Soverign Speaker and I need to pick out my first bonus domain. He already has the Luck and Charm domains (both without subdomains). The Cleric uses his bow and different debuff magic ordinarily. He already has the Spontaneous Domains feat.

The character has access to pretty much any Pathfinder domain. So, which pathfinder domains (with or without subdomains) would you guys suggest going for?


The Animal Domain with the Fur Subdomain seems really good, but many of the others seemed sketchy to me.

2010-10-17, 02:18 AM
I think I've decided on the Plant domain with the Fur subdomain. It's not ideal for the build i have, but being able to turn into a large spiky warrior on a single turn would be pretty nice in a pinch.