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Shade Kerrin
2010-10-18, 07:34 PM
Delving through forum archives suggests this is the place to post this, so...

Character is a backup character for an IRL game. Conceptually, she is deceptively weak looking, but hits with overwhelming strength. She also has a habit of making surprising appearances

28 PB stats: 10/16/10/10/16/10
Human Ninja 1/Monk 4/Ninja 6(11 levels total)
Feats: 1-Weapon Finesse, H-Trickery Devotion, M1- Stunning Fist, M2- Combat Reflexes, 3- Darkstalker, 6- Improved Natural Attack, 9- Ascetic Stalker

Items:Monk's belt, Ectoplasmic Fist(+1 size for punch), 27k unspent

Variants in use:Fire-based Ninja, blinding instead of invisibility.
Trickery Devotion can be fueled using Ki

Hopefully this character can contribute meaningfully, but not dominate completely. Will welcome any suggestions for improvement, but don't say Unarmed Swordsage. I already have a character like that. Dropping stats below 10 is not an option for this char.

2010-10-18, 07:43 PM
What other classes/characters are in the party? What's their level of optimization? Does this character fill a role that the party is missing?

In a fully optimized party with experienced players and all of the roles filled, a monk/ninja could be very weak. In a non-optimized party without all the melee roles filled, the character's melee damage and ability to move around quickly and easily could be very beneficial.


What natural attack are you improving with Improved Natural Attack? An unarmed strike isn't a natural weapon.

If you're looking for a feat to improve your unarmed damage, there's always the feat Superior Unarmed Strike from Tome of Battle. It treats your unarmed damage as if you had 4 more levels of monk. (I'll skip out on any other ToB plugging.)

Shade Kerrin
2010-10-18, 08:16 PM
Been through the discussion on Imp Nat Att already with the GM, it's being allowed. I did consider SUS, and might take it as my 12 feat if I decide not to advance Ninja any further, but for now it's not quite worth the tradeoff.

Other party members are a Blaster Sorcerer, an Assimar Paladin, A Druid with Vow of Peace,(Yeah, I'm not happy about this one either) A Grapple Fighter with his eyes on Reaping Mauler, and a Cleric. So mostly on the low end of the scale if I remember my tiers right.

2010-10-18, 09:12 PM
The character looks likes it could be a pretty good and efficient and dishing out some nice damage and also good at sneaking around.

A single level dip in Warblade would obviously give some nice options, but if you're not interested in it, I can understand.

Since you're going to be level 11, the only other thing I can think of to suggest is to consider possible Prestige Classes that could meld well with a monk/ninja type character.

Overall, the character looks viable and useful for that kind of party. I would get bored with only sneaking or using flurry of blows all the time, but everyone has different tastes and a party of that size might be more focused on roleplaying than combat anyway.


The Monk Handbook (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=1015.0) might be able to help you out a bit for choosing more equipment. It also has more options for different things you could consider.

2010-10-18, 09:26 PM
10 CON on a character who will mostly be in melee? I don't care how sneaky you are, you're going to get hit sooner or later, and your fragile little pile of HP is not going to last very long. I would do something to make yourself less squishy.

Shade Kerrin
2010-10-18, 11:04 PM
Good point on the Con, although the 28 Pb is just a reference until stats are actually rolled.