View Full Version : Need Build/Character Suggestions [PF/3.5]

2010-10-20, 01:36 PM
We're going to be running a short campaign in a bit and I won't be DM-ing for once. I'm kind of at a loss for what to do. I know nothing about the campaign other than that characters should be 10th level and that level-adjustment races and templates should be avoided.

I'm looking for suggestions for character concepts and builds that are just fun. Power isn't my main concern. I'm looking to be able to always do something in any situation, so versatility is a big plus. Also, it's always fun to troll the DM a bit.

Right now I have some rough ideas, but I would really like more:

Halfling Barbarian 10: Otis Beujeau, Tribal Shaman, Cajun Food Alchemist

Dwarven Ranger (PF Two-handed Variant) 8 / Deepwarden 2: Bertrand Dampbeard, Rear Admiral of the 4th Littoral Marines

Human Factotum 10: This one is still fuzzy, but I thought it would be fun to take craven and focus entirely on unarmed strikes from the shadows along with absurd abuse of Font of Inspiration.