View Full Version : Cuteness Based Animal Spirit Japanesey RPG

2010-10-20, 02:43 PM
Try typing that into google to find something. -_-

Once, on these very boards, there was a game like that using a system based on being animal spirits or something, and cuteness was very important. It had his own rulebook PDF and everything.. now, it's been driving me nuts trying to remember what that system was called. I have fond memories of it and I wanted to check it out again. But they are very, very vague memories.

Come on, you guys, I've got to have a better chance asking here than finding it on google, right? :smallamused:

2010-10-20, 02:58 PM
Yuuyake Koyake.

2010-10-20, 06:27 PM
Well done. :smallbiggrin:

2010-10-20, 07:02 PM
I'm da baws.