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2010-10-21, 07:10 PM
This being somthing i stardet using back in the 3.0 days and needing it for a PBP im gonna run here I thought why not get some PEACHing at the same time so with no more ado i present the:


These rules introduce a new concept, namely the perk. Characters start with 3 of these at 1st level, and they can be used for the abilities that are not quite powerful enough to be worth a “true” feat, though characters may always spend a feat on a perk ability. Besides both half-elves and half-orcs receive an extra perk at 1st level. The list below lists some perks:

{table=head]Perk|Game effect|Requirement
High Class|You come from a family of high social standing. Ex. You might be the son/daughter of the mayor of a fair sized town.|None

Nobel Lineage|Your Lineage can be traced back for at least half a dozen generations. Ex. You might be the son/daughter of a duke or baron. You also gets Knowledge: Nobility and Royality as a class skill.|High Class

Blue Blood|You are the trueborn son/daughter of the king. You also gets Diplomacy as a class skill Requires Nobel Lineage.|Nobel Lineage

Special|You are born with a special ability or a special fate. Dm decides the effect.|None

Exceptional Special|You are born with a Exceptional special ability or a Exceptional special fate. Dm decides the effect.|Special

Super Special|You are born with a Super special ability or a Super special fate. Dm decides the effect.|Exceptional Special

Chariest Item|You have one item that you value very much. You start with one item of large value arrange with the DM.|None

Family Item|You have one item that is of great value to your family. You start with one item of Major value arrange with the DM.|Chariest Item.

Heirloom Item|You have one item of great value that have been I your family for generations. You start with one item of Great value arrange with the DM.|Family Item.

Lucky|You get +2 to pure charisma checks not skill checks.|None

Exceptional Lucky|You get 1 reroll per session.|Lucky

Super Lucky|You got the Shine.. DM favors you|Exceptional Lucky

Against the odds|You are at your best when facing overwhelming odds. You get +1 to attack rolls and AC when fighting one-on-one against creatures with a CR higher than your level.|None

Beautiful / Handsome|Physically, your are more appealing to others. You gain +1 to competence bonus to your Bluff ( when in a social situation), Diplomacy and Gather Information when dealing with members of the opposite sex.|None

Blood of the old ones|You have a 50% longer life span.|

Brave|You get +4 to saves against Fear effects.|None

Dirty Fighter|You know all the dirty tricks in the book (and a few more.). You get +1 to bluff checks when feinting in combat. What’s more, you get +1 to damage rolls when your opponent is caught flat-footed.|None

Disciplined|You get +2 to save vs. compulsions. And concentration is a class skill.|None

Exceptional Hardiness|You get +1 to Fortitude saves|None

Exceptional Reflexes|You get +1 to Reflex saves|None

Exceptional Willpower|You get +1 to Will saves|None

Elf-friend ( or dwarf-friend, orc-friend, etc.)|You have a long history of good standing with the race in question, and therefore gain a +4 circumstance bonus to social interaction with members of the race. And no, you cannot choose your own race!|None

Elven Reverie|Your elven heritage allows you to get by with only 4 hours of sleep (“reverie”).|Only half-elves may take this perk.

Elven Upbringing|Having grown up among the elven folk, you have also learned to easily discern secret doors (as the elven racial ability).|Only half-elves may take this perk.

Firm Grip|You have an iron vice, granting you a +2 bonus to avoid being disarmed and +1 to climb checks.|None

Great Leader|You get +1 to your Leadership score and +1 to diplomacy skill checks.|None

Great Strength|You get +1 to strength checks, such as bending iron bars, bull rushes, kick in the doors, etc., but not attack rolls, damage rolls or skill checks.|None

Healthy|You get + 2 to saves vs. disease.|None

High Pain Threshold|You get +2 to saves involving great pain and massive trauma (massive damage, torture, symbol of pain, etc.).|None

Inherent Immunity: Cold|Your are able to remain comfortable in temperatures that most find chilling, and you can sometimes avoid the worst effects of cold-based attack such as white dragon breath. In game terms you get +2 to saving throws against cold, and survival checks in cold environments.|None

Inherent Immunity: Heat|Your are able to remain comfortable in temperatures that most find overly warm, and you can sometimes avoid the worst effects of fire-based attack such as red dragon breath. In game terms you get +2 to saving throws against fire, and survival checks in warm environments.|None

Knack|Make any skill permanently a class skill for all classes you haveor get. This perk may be taken more than once each time applying to a new skill.|None

Precise memory|You may reroll one knowledge skill check per game session. What’s more, you get a +2 competence bonus to Intelligence checks involving memory (not including knowledge skill checks).|None

Strong Back|Your strength counts as 4 higher for the purpose of carrying capacity.|None

Superstitious|You are highly suspicious of magic. You get a +2 to saves vs. spells. However, you must always try to resist magic – even beneficial magic such as healing, buffs, etc.. The benefit and drawback of this perk does not apply if you are unconscious.|None

Talented Mage|Once per day you may cast a spell as if you were one level higher.|None

Tenacious Magic|Your CL counts as being one higher for the purpose of resisting dispelling.|None

Thick Blood|You get +5% chance to stabilize.|None

The why
well its mostly for the highclass-> Noble-> and royal perk i made the others becaus i feel that if you are one of those you ought to mostly be better off (read your birth caste gives bonuses if you are high born) but to avoid people going noble for the power all others gets other bonuses instead...

And why the ½elf and ½orc bonuses it help upset my DM ingame racisme vs ½ bloods and also until i Made that rule I had not had a single PC ½orc/elf

2010-10-21, 07:19 PM
in my opinion, these would be consider traits.

2010-10-21, 07:28 PM
I havent ever used traits so can't say

2010-10-21, 07:31 PM
Read this (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/buildingCharacters/characterTraits.htm) and you'll see the comparrision

2010-10-21, 07:49 PM
I could call them backgrounds instead...

Becaus as i se traits: it somthing mental or physicali ... how to explain noble or Heirloom Item + traits have dissadvantages

what im looking for is more of backgrounds as in:
My barbarian was son of the chief of the flaming flamingos clan, I was rasied in our ansestral homeland The Great desert

1) High Class (son of tribe chief)
2) Inherent Immunity: Heat (raised in great desert)
3) Beautiful / Handsome (the flaming flamingos clan:smalltongue:)

Morph Bark
2010-10-21, 07:49 PM
You need an Awesome perk that goes together with the Super Special perk.

I'm just saiyan.

2010-10-21, 07:57 PM
well the special line of perks was made becaus I had a player that always whent a extra 1000 miles just to make sure he had the most "special" charekter (I have seen some strange things in my D&D time but his PC are in a leauge for themselve) but after I inventet these "special" perks he began making fairly normal charekters (becaus now it was written on his sheet that he was SUPER SPECIEL)

Not to say that it dose't do anything one time I used it as a gimmic to learn a player PC spellfire at 6th lvl, once it was realy a secret heir to the throne (super speciel 3 perks vs Blue blood also 3 perks)

2010-10-21, 08:24 PM
You need an Awesome perk that goes together with the Super Special perk.

I'm just saiyan.
Ok, whatever, Vegeta. :smalltongue:

Morph Bark
2010-10-21, 08:31 PM
While I can see that these are like Traits, they are decidedly better. For one, they have no downsides. Second, you get three of them at level one. C: some of them are as strong as half a feat or a whole feat. And D: ...nothing, but I just liked how that made a sadface emoticon.

Ok, whatever, Vegeta. :smalltongue:

Hey, I just took the right anti-feat (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=8954289#post8954289)! :smalltongue:

2010-10-21, 09:16 PM
C: some of them are as strong as half a feat or a whole feat.

Which ones are stronger then ½ a feat becaus I was aiming for about ½ a feat so those might have to be scaled down...

Also any ideas for other PERKS/BACKGROUNDS

Morph Bark
2010-10-22, 05:37 AM
Which ones are stronger then ½ a feat becaus I was aiming for about ½ a feat so those might have to be scaled down...

High Class gives no real benefit. Chariest Item (Cherished?) might be good to give a gp limit in value (minimum/maximum limits), same with the two Perks derived from it.

Exceptional Lucky as written goes for anything that is dependant on rolling, which actually makes it as strong as a bunch of half feats (only half due to still being limited to 1 reroll). Super Lucky has no mechanical benefit unless it means "the DM must fudge rolls for you", which is a bad idea.

The "Special" line of Perks has something similar, as the limitations of what ability can be given are really vague. Perhaps make the first ability "any Extraordinary ability from a creature with 5 HD or less" or something, but in that case the other two are probably a lot stronger than several feats together.

Beautiful/Handsome and Blood of the Old Ones are perfect. Brave isn't, as I think there is a feat that does the exact same thing.

Disciplined isn't either, as it does more than the feat that gives a single skill as a class skill.

Elf-friend would be better at a +2 bonus, like some races or classes have as an ability.

Inherent Immunities are on the edge, but they're okay enough.

Knack does something a feat does, but I'd say it's okay as most classes are skill-starved (and skill point-starved), and Fighters deserve to Spot and Listen.

Superstitious is weird as it is the only one that gives a drawback, like Traits do, making it more interesting and better than many of these, but still an odd one out. :smallconfused:

Talented Mage and Tenacious Magic I'd scratch unless you change them to not increase caster level above their HD. Caster level increases are way too yummy, always.