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2010-10-22, 07:57 PM
My DM recently started expanding our game to include some extra prestige classes out of the Warcraft RPG d20 system and one raised a question that neither of us could figure out. The class in question (Hexer pg 46 Horde Players Guide) gets an ability to craft a "voodoo" dollesque idol that removes the saving throws on the classes initial ability. This ability functions through a craft check with the dc being 10+HD of the target and takes 1 day to craft it. My question to you is, could i use the spell fabricate to craft the doll faster?

2010-10-22, 10:06 PM
The ability the doll improves gives the target a debuff based on a Perform check. the debuffs are various although they increase at the same level. Inital DC is 12 for a -1 debuff and they increase by -1 for every 8 points above on the check. The debuffs are on such things as either Hit and damage or saving throws. Also this ability can only be used 1/day per level in the Hexer prestige class. I hope this helps.

2010-10-22, 11:15 PM
Creatures or magic items cannot be created or transmuted by the fabricate spell.

On the other hand, if you're allowed to create the doll and then enchant it, that'll work.

Or if it's not magic.

2010-10-22, 11:20 PM
Thank you for your input. The doll isn't described as magical though so and that is why the questioning.

2010-10-22, 11:29 PM
It sounds more like a focus than a magic item. Can you Fabricate foci?