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2010-10-23, 07:52 AM
Hey Im making a game thats set during a world wide war about religious conflict with one god for each of the 9 alignments and a couple of other minor Deities just looking for some help working out the thematics of each god
The hardest part has been coming up with a non boring Lawful Evil god. I dont mind cliche's but every god (except the Archfool) has a nation of believers so making an evil empire based god seems redundant

NG- The Heavenly One a pacifistic hedonistic god
CG-Unbound a bloodthirsty revenge god who abhors imprisonment
CN-Archfool imaginitive and humorous god
CE-Blood God beserker who is disgusted by natural deaths
NE-Lord Loss nihilistic god of entropy
LN-Watcher God of time and knowlege
LG-Purity Knight Templar Miko-esque god
NN-Mother- Creator deity
NN-Faceless god of monks and martial arts

also there are the minor deities
NG(ChaoticGood tendencies) Silver Strings- goddess of music and art
CG(ChaoticNeutral tendencies) Wanderer- God of travel
CN(ChaoticEvil tendencies) Howler in the Dark-Alien god of shadows and monsters
CE(NeutralEvil tendencies) Eternal Flame- Goddess of fire and destruction
NE(LawfulEvil tendencies) Nightsky- God of death, grim reaper style (enjoys it way too much to be tradtional NN reaper)
LE(LawfulNeutral Tendencies) Gold and Steel- Twin gods who oversee economy and cities, thrive in warfare
LN(LawfulGood Tendencies) Father-God of justice Judge Dredd inspired
LG(NeutralGood Tendencies) Grandalchemist-Scientist working for the greater good

There are also patron spirits of each major kind of environment, desert(Djinn) ocean(Tritons) mountains(Gnomes) forests(Elves) plains(Orcs) tundra(Dwarves) beach(Salt/Sandmen) who all have a being whos like a god to them
Advice on any extra mythology?

2010-10-23, 07:57 AM
Well, LE is also about making sure the trains run on time. So, God of Amoral Trade? Nation of Corrupt Corporate Executives in the D&Ds? ...Granted, that's basically the Iron Throne and Zhentarim minus the giant with abandonment issues looking for his devil ex-girlfriend or the patronage of the God of Foiled Plans Himself...