View Full Version : What armor enhancements (and equipment) are nice for a Warblade?

Rising Phoenix
2010-10-24, 06:21 AM
Hello all,

I just handed out 5,000 gp out to my PCs and was wondering what armor enhancements would be nice for a melee warblade? He currently has +1 black dragoncraft chainmail (yes I know, it technically is illegal, but screw the rules ;-)).

His melee weapon is a +1 Greatsword that casts true strike as a free action 3/day.

Other items of note:

Healing belt x1
M. buckler
Cloak of resistance.

Cheers and helps for the advice in advance,


2010-10-24, 12:24 PM
With 5000gp? I would rather get an Anklet of Translocation (if thats the name) for 2/day 10' poofing action. Its only 1500gp and is very useful if you are surrounded or just need a little extra movement. I used it to get through gates or bars. Great item IMHO. Give them the Magic Item Compendium and they can have a field day with lots of low cost items AND armor add-ons. For armor I would point out Blueshine for rusting immunity and a bonus to hide. Ghost Touch (or whatever it is) lets you put the enhancment bonus to Touch AC which is nice. With the MIC, 5000gp can be streched pretty far :smallwink:

2010-10-24, 12:34 PM
For armor, I'd save up 1000 more GP, and get Speed. Magic Item Compendium page 14.

2010-10-24, 12:36 PM
Heartseeking Amulet is excellent. The standard +2Str or +2Con items are always good as well.

2010-10-24, 12:44 PM
His melee weapon is a +1 Greatsword that casts true strike as a free action 3/day.

What discipline does he focus on? For Diamond Mind, anything that increases his Concentration checks would be good. For example, every piece of armor he wears should have the Githcraft template (DMGII p. 276, 600 GP per item). This gives him a +1 untyped bonus to Concentration checks. If you really want to max this out, you can get a +5 Concentration bonus with a githcraft chain shirt, two bucklers, dastana and chahar-aina (these last two are from Oriental Adventures, and offer a shield bonus that explicitly stacks with other armor and shield bonuses, but they only stack with certain light armors).

A Tunic of Steady Spellcasting (MIC p. 144, 2500 GP) isn't really armor, but is usually a must-have for most Diamond Mind disciples. The +5 competence bonus applies to all Concentration checks, not just for spellcasting.

I'd also recommend upgrading that buckler to a +1 with a Lesser Crystal of Arrow Deflection (MIC p. 25). Amazing bargain: 3665 GP for a +5 untyped bonus against all ranged attacks.

For the chain mail, I'd look at picking up an Augment Crystal, such as a Lesser Iron Ward Diamond (2000 GP, DR 3/- up to 30 HP) or Lesser Rubicund Frenzy (2000 GP, +3 morale bonus on damage/fear saves when HP < 50%).

The other thing I'd consider is adding some 1/day 1st level or 2nd level spell effects. These can cost around 400-1200 GP depending on how the DM wants to price them, but being able to use Lesser Restoration, Swift Fly, Swift Invisibility, Swift Haste, Close Wounds, Wraithstrike, Winged Watcher, etc. can be a huge life-saver.