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2010-10-24, 10:24 AM
Hi! I recently joined another campaign and had the opportunity to try out Darrin's amazing Archon of Nine build. (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=7627408#post7627408) I've always liked the idea of being "Reshar" and I've even named my character as a anagram of him :smallredface:

But I would actually like to use a good Legacy weapon, and the fluff matches because such a great warrior can only wield a significant weapon. So my DM is allowing me to build my own Legacy.

But I'm at a lost for abilities. So far I only have a slight idea for an omen and that the weapon will start out as a +1 longsword. The abilities from Weapon of Legacy don't seem to match, but the weapons from ToB aren't helpful either.

So does anyone have any ideas on how to pimp my "Rehsar's" sword of legacy?

2010-10-24, 10:28 AM
I would write the history of the weapon first before detailing all it's special abilities. Start with a basic framework of what you'd like it to do, such as...

Shoot flaming arrows
Reach any target within sight
Perform trick shots

...then write the history incorporating those ideas into the story behind it. As you write it I'm sure other abilities will suggest themselves that are relevant to it's history.

2010-10-24, 11:09 AM
Actually I DO have the history...well kind of.

I can't believe I forgot to mention this :smallsigh:

The weapon is going to follow the "Founding Legacies" rules. As in it is actually being created as my character progresses through the campaign.

My character was part of a new Temple of Nine Swords that reemerged; but instead of being a temple of learning, it was largely an extremely large and organized arena. There were constantly fights between the discipline masters and the feeling trickled down to every last discipline. There was no unity, there was no spirit that Reshar would have wanted. There was only fighting.

But then an evil force (in this campaign world evil wins out in the end and it wipes almost everything else out) wipes out the temple. In large part, this was because none of the masters could unite the temple in time and they fell one by one.

My character was one of the survivors. It is after this incident that he realizes the follies of the masters and sets out to master ALL nine disciplines. The longsword is the last sword he found in the temple unbroken.

So I guess its abilities should reflect unity and the ability to use multiple discipline weapons.

I think one idea is letting the longsword act as a "Discipline" weapon for all disciplines. But what level should that be?

Another should involve recovering maneuvers, quite possible swapping one for another.

And I am struggling to think of an ability that reflects a "balanced' learning.

Any suggestions?

2010-10-24, 11:41 AM
One thing that might be cool, would be if the weapon changed it's type based
on what style it was used with, giving it one form for each of the 9 disciplines.
Having it take the form for the last discipline used, and changing when using a
new discipline.
I'm not really familiar with the legacy weapon rules, but it would be nice if you
could give it abilities sort of like combos, where using maneuvers/strikes/stances
/counters from different disciplines without repeating a discipline made the
weapon more powerful. It would then obtain it's greatest powers if you use 1
ability from 9 different disciplines without repeating any discipline.
An example would be: If you have used X(4) abilities from X(4) different disciplines
(without using two or more abilities from any one discipline),
you can combine two strikes (using the same kind action) in one action
(for example combining Emerald Razor with Foehammer to get a touch attack
that ignores DR, and does 2d6 extra damage).

I'm not saying this would be balanced, just what I started thinking about
when i read your post.

2010-10-24, 01:02 PM
Making it intelligent is usually a strong option, but your question seems more to be how you get a thematically fitting legacy, yes?

For optimization purposes, brilliantgameologists covered it here (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?topic=5907.0).

What books do you have access to? In the PHB II, there are rules for quasi-adding enchantments, which the weapon will only have while you use it. This is one way to get the standard stuff on legacy items without sacrificing the actual slots.

For thematic appropriateness, I didn't have that many ideas from your description. What should be this weapon's focus? If its' purpose is to increase your abilities, focus on the abilities that add to maneuvers etc. - basically abilities similar to those of the weapons in the ToB. Or should the weapon increase your versatility? Than I would definitely suggest making it intelligent and giving it a few spell-likes it can use on your behalf - giving it Cure Moderate Wounds, for example, saves you a belt of healing.

2010-10-24, 01:19 PM
Well the idea is a list of abilities that help boost using maneuvers and stances, especially from different disciplines. So in that sense it would be closer to the ToB weapons although you are right about the weapon being able to increase my own versatility. Also not sure how I could add the idea of "unity" into the picture...

Assume I have access to as many books as you need; between my DM and I we basically almost have all the books out there (that aren't 3rd party anyway).