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Natural Warrior



-Must have a natural weapon
-must have at least 5 levels in a monster class

Hit Die: d10

Natural Warrior

+2|Natural Body, Natural Power +1, Sharp Fangs

+3|Natural Power +1, Lesser Power, Natural Parry

+3|Natural Power +3, Natural Magic

+4|Natural Power +4, Lesser Power, Greater Natural Parry

+4|Bonus Feat, Natural Power +5, Seeping Fangs, Greater Power
Class Skills: (2 + Int. Mod.) The Natural Warriors's class skills are Intimidate, Hide, Jump, Move Silently.

Class Features
Proficiencies: An Natural Warrior is proficient with its own natural weapons.

Natural Body: The Warrior retains all racial bonuses, traits, and abilities and gains no special traits.

The Warrior's size does not change.

Finally, an Warrior gains a bonus to it’s armor class in the form of a natural armor bonus equal to its half it's Strength or Constitution modifier (whichever the creature doesn't have or whichever is higher).

For example, Rumel has a natural armor bonus equal to his Con mod, so when he gains this ability he has half of his strength mod added to his natural armor. It stacks.

Natural Power Your natural weapons are almost magical from there imense power. You get a +1 bonus to all natural weapons for each level in this class (this stacks with any enhancement bonus such as an Iron Golem's ability to enhance itself)

Sharp Fangs Your weapons sharpen to a horrible tip. All natural weapons deal 1 point of constitution as if affected by the wounding property (bludgeoning weapons become sharp and can choose to do piercing damage for this effect)

Natural Magic your hands are as strong as any magical blade. You can imbue your natural weapons with magical properties which stack with the Natural Power ability. In the case of constantly renewing weapons, they weapons that never go away have the enhancement but any newly grown weapons only have the natural power ability.

For example, Rumel is a level five hydra with 6 heads but has 3 cut off so now he has 9 heads, but only six have the enhancement bonus, yet all have the natural power bonus. Each head must be enchanted separately though.

Natural Parry you are a master of blocking with your natural weapons. You may attempt to block a number attacks equal to the amount of natural weapons you have. Used your attack rolls to oppose your opponents

Greater Natural Parry same as Natural Parry except you may make two parry attempts per natural weapon each turn and when you successfully parry an attack you may make one attack of oppertunity against the person who attacked you. (or multipule if you possess such an ability but only one per successful parry)

Seeping Fangs your natural attacks deal a horrible poison to the victim. The DC is 10+1/2 hd+Con mod. It can be...

• 1d6 points of acid damage per 5/HD.
• Paralysis for 1d2 rounds plus 1 per 5/HD
• Blindness for 2d2 rounds plus 1 every 4/HD
• Ability Score damage equal to 1/4 your HD of your choice.

These are usable once per 10/HD+1 and every fourth round you gain one more use with the max staded above.

Bonus Feat at fifth level you gain one bonus feat

Lesser Power at 2nd and 4th level you gain one of the following abilities.

Natural Size: you are treated as one size category larger for all trip, grapple and bull-rush attempts (this stacks with all other size altering effects)

Spell Resistance: you gain spell resistance equal to 11+1/2HD+Con mod or add +5 to existing SR

Damage Resistance: you gain DR=1/2HD/material or add +5 to other sources of DR

Large Weapons: deal damage as if one size category larger

Flight: gain wings allowing for good manueverability at 150% your base land speed

Improved Poison: the DC to resist your poison increases by 1 per 6/HD

Improved Weapons: choose one material per 4/HD and your weapons are considered to be that material for overcoming DR or trade one material for ghost touched ability

Alignment Strike: pick one of the four alignments every 5/HD and your natural attack is considered to be that alignment for overcoming DR

Growing Power: any weapons you grow have the same enhancements as your primary natural weapons

Greater Power you gain an amazing capstone ability...

Powerful Reduction: All DR becomes DR/-

Emense Hunger: if you make a succesful bite attack you can attempt to swallow someone whole as the srd ability

Blink: you can use teleport as a SU ability once a day/HD

Breath Weapon: you gain a breath weapon of fire, ice, acid or electricity and gain a metabreath feat every 8/HD,it does 1d6 damage/HD. usable after a 1d4+1 cooldown period.


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Seems interesting. Just wondering, could my Student of the Weird (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=172967)class qualify for this?

2010-10-24, 07:47 PM
Seems interesting. Just wondering, could my Student of the Weird (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=172967)class qualify for this?

If you can prove that his arms and things count as "Natural" weapons, then ok