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2010-10-24, 11:59 PM
Ok so to quickly run down what my campaign has so far.

Right now the PC's are level 4, they had saved a random village from orc's and were giving a map to a "Secret Treasure" how ever before leaving they over head a "black cloaked man" asking for the copy's of the map and the original.

At the next town they discover the same map they have is being sold on the street's, while in their room discussing things the black cloaked man knocks on their door and tells them that the reason he was making the maps was to use it as a "Test" to see who could make it to this location, and that there isn't really a treasure there but what they will obtain there can help them obtain a treasure. the man also say's the reason he was telling them this was he expected them to be the ones to get there first.

Here is were I need help. I'm not really sure what I want to do with this man (his race seems human-like but was never told he was human) I also am not sure weather or not I want him to be lying or if he is gonna give the PC's another challenge.

A bit of info about the world, PC's are currently level 4 I have a Rouge, Warlock, Cleric, and Druid.

I have the World that they are in split into 7 different kingdoms each run by a Ruler of each race from the PHB. What the PC's don't know yet is that the Rulers have been captivated with one of the 7 deadly sins. (think i might make it an artifact thats making them do these) they are as follows.

Elves - Lust (The queen has become the attention of males across the kingdoms)
Dwarfs - Gluttony (King has been taking all the food and importing as much from the other kingdoms for himself)
Halflings - Greed (King has been hoarding all the treasures and stealing from the other kingdoms)
Gnomes - Sloth (King has been denying the construction of any advancements in technology that could help other kingdoms and refusing to work for anyone)
Half-Orcs - Wraith (King has ordered raids onto small towns and villages [Like the one the PC's saved int he begging])
Half-Elves - Envy (Queen Has become Envious of the Elves queen and is trying to make her suffer)
Humans - Pride (King believes that he is the strongest ruler of the three kingdoms and is trying to have the others taken out so he can rule)

So far thats all I got but Im looking for any ideas of Side quest and or events, and what i can do about these rulers / man in black and any other possible Treasure hunters who have the same map as the PC's.

2010-10-25, 12:04 AM
well, there are domains for each of the sins, so why not find a way to put churches in your game based on these domains?

also, do the kingdom-toppling thing. any of the regents that they kill, they inherit something about the sin. either something that helps resist it or maybe something that shows their dominance of it. maybe give them the domain power?

2010-10-25, 06:45 PM
What books are the Domains in? and the idea of the gaining something for defeating the sin sounds pretty good.

I'm trying to see now if I can create some type of Battle for each sin that uses the "Sin" as its attacks and what level I should start throwing these battles in. Example would be for the lust one I could use charm spells and effects, but some of the others I'm having trouble with.

2010-10-25, 06:50 PM
I think Wrath would be pretty easy. Some high-damage blasty spells.

Greed? Maybe some illusions of treasure and whatnot.

Gluttony? I'm stumped. :smallconfused:

Sloth? Maybe slow on the characters and/or time stop on the bbeg?

Envy? Again, stumped.

Pride? No clue.

Sorry I wasn't much help.

2010-10-25, 07:00 PM
the domains are in the spell compendium.

and if you think about it, maybe as a reward, give them an item that once per day lets them effect a target with something that would be of that sin.

for instance, miser's greed is a spell that would make them act like smeagol/gollum, sloth has the slow spell, lust can be a charm person or similar spell, wrath can make them frenzy, no idea for gluttony, pride, or envy

2010-10-25, 07:02 PM
OK here is my take.. obviosly feel free to take some, all, none, or twist to suit your own needs.. just my quick ideas:smallwink:

OK The man in black seems a good place to start..

He could be the agent of one of the kingdoms, possibly from before they got "7 deadly sinigized". An outcast now.. but he used to be the head of the royal guard or an old adventuring buddy to the king/prince. He's legitimately trying to get a band of adventurers to help out and find the legendary "macguffin(s) of sin removal/curing".


He could be the guy who cursed all the Kingdoms in the first place.. out to get the heroes to find the things that could save the various kingdoms, so he can "safely hold onto them" so noone can mess up his evil scheme.


He's a polymorphed Fiend, out to help the heroes fight the curse and save the Kingdoms, so as to mess up the plans of the evil villain who did it.. which will be the first step of HIS evil plan... add MWA HAH HAH's to taste, maybe make the initial "main villain" be somewhat redeemable so the PC's can then have to have his help to stop their initial benefactor.

//Also also

The rewards could be something along the lines of a virtue.. for defeating the vice.. or maybe a choice style object that can do either but have strange side effects depending on which you choose.

2010-10-25, 07:05 PM
"7 deadly sinigized"

I like that terminology. "Sinigized." Kind of rolls off the tongue. :smalltongue:

2010-10-25, 07:19 PM
Man in Black doesn't need to be a fiend. Perhaps he's the opposite, some sort of extremely concerned loving god who imposes tests of virtue (The whole I-want-you-to-be-the-ones-who-get-there-first-thing) upon his chosen heroes to deliver the world from the current depravity. That he's employing a warlock (among the others) merely serves to distract or confuse some fiends who gain delicious damned souls from the status quo.

Or he may be a disguised/polymorphed dragon who simply messes with the state of the world for kicks (or liked it better in the olden days of not-so-much-sin).

Perhaps he's an Overlord (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overlord_%282007_video_game%29) kind of guy, a former BBEG whom the heroes now running the kingdoms defeated a long time ago and who is now back in the game, seeing how they have become worse than he himself and the people actually want him back? Whether or not he's doing this for his own personal power gain or out of philanthropy is up to you, of course.

2010-10-25, 08:53 PM
I'm liking the idea of giving the PC's a power / ability for defeating the sin's, weather it be the sin itself or a virtue. Although a Sin power would be easyier since my whole party is CN.

A side note here is that the Warlock wants to become an acrolite of the skin and the Cleric wants to be a Storm Lord (I am not allowing evil allignments however so thats why those two chose CN) I have to though set up a event were the warlock has a friendly conversation with a demon i guess as a prerequsite to enter his class.

That is why I am considering maybe making this man in black a demon of some sort who may want to find the best "treasure hunting party" he can to try and steal these "sined" artifacts that the rulers of each kingdom obtain for his own use.

The idea that each artifact takes up a different body slot and when all combined turns him into some powerful demon / beast of chaos, examples would be mabey a mask, belt, boots, gloves, horned hat, and a staff / pitch fork, and armor.

What are your ideas with this?