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2010-10-26, 07:13 AM
I've seen a few chameleon builds out here and there and they seem to aim for some sneak attack or some sort of base thing that they do. I looked them over and decided that I don't want my chameleon to be lost in any area he wants

Factotum 8/Chameleon 10/ ????? 2

2 dilemmas the first are my feats at first I thought I'd go for some sort of 2 keen kukri 15-20 crit buildamabob. But that idea quickly died in my head as I now am specializing to a melee feat chain of two weapon fighting and all that.

Second dilemma is that last 2 levels! What do I pick?

Anyway I suppose what I'm looking for is:
What are some general good feats that are worth taking to unlock feats for my bonus feat

What are some good 2 level dips for me to take?

Also I want to be able to change it up with "Today I'm a ranged attacker, Tomorrow a stealth character the next day a caster and after that who knows?"

2010-10-26, 07:54 AM
If you want to be able to fill any given role on any particular day, you can't go wrong with Factotum/Chameleon. Both of those classes are designed with that in mind. And if you're looking for a 2 level dip class that will assisst in the same way, I suggest Binder. They have the same 'And today I'll be...' kind of feel to them.
You're going Factotum 8, so you want the extra standard action ability - a nice bet. To be able to use that well, you need Inspiration like crazy, so inspirational boost 5 times is not necessarily a poor choice for feats. Given that, Binder lets you bind up to 2nd level vestiges with a 1 level dip and 1 feat (improved bind vestige), and you can hide the fact that you're a binder with a 2nd level.

You'll need to take those levels of binder before you hit 18th level (so you can take the feat). I recommend a build like:

Factotum 8/Chameleon 7/Binder 2/Chameleon +3

Chameleon 7 is a good break point because you get the 2 choices per day - which lets you do Arcane and divine casting, or divine and something combat oriented, or whatever other combo you want (although I'm a big fan of the Chameleon Theurge build).

Hope that helps.

2010-10-26, 08:03 AM
If you're going Factotum 8/Chameleon 10, I cannot recommend Warblade 2 strongly enough to finish out the build. INT synergy, better combat prowess, tons of goodies for the investment.

2010-10-26, 08:31 AM
I suppose I should already mention my feats! Font of inspiration x4 (with meager fortitude flaw) and Able learner. I'm also a human which means bonus skill point and feat. Just took able learner I'm level 6 factotum right now. 14 Inspiration points due to 18 int. (Can only take as much as int modifier for font so x4) It's my level 9 12 15 18 feats I'm having trouble with deciding on. I looked into binder and +1 ac never hurt anybody from that second level ability. Warblade looks really juicy. Uncanny dodge is pretty great for not getting sneak attacked along with maneuvers and another floating esque feat.

2010-10-26, 09:16 AM
Warblade is nice because you could take, for example, exotic weapon proficiency, weapon focus, improved critical, etc. and have it apply to the exotic weapon of your choice each day (or non-exotic weapon, and use your floating feat to provide exotic weapon prof. when you need it).

There's not a lot I can recommend for a 2-level dip, really. Maybe go with Warblade 1/Binder 1? You get the best of both worlds - you can pick up improved binding for 2nd level vestiges (even as your floating feat), and you can use Shape Soulmeld (Impulse Boots) to get uncanny dodge semi-permanently.

Fouredged Sword
2010-10-26, 11:18 AM
A two level dip in warblade will turn your extra standard actions into gold. Now you can full attack and pull off a strike in one round. Get a mix of Iorn Heart and white tiger and take those two keen kuri and laugh as you get stacking damage and to hit bonuses every crit from blood in the water stance.

You want to do the dip into warblade your last two levels before the game starts so you start with all your abilities and you get the best choice of strikes and such.

Sudden leap grants so much mobility to a factotum that it isn't even funny.

2010-10-26, 07:52 PM
Mostly I'm left with the decisions of what feats I should get. A reserve feat I think would be ideal for the caster aspect but power attack? Combat Reflexes? Are there generalized feats from other books I should look into?