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2010-10-26, 08:30 AM
No one knows where it came from, how some came to possess it, how it started, or why it exists. All anyone knows is that it is highly unstable, unreliable, but it can be truly epic. It is not assosciated with any particular element. Sometimes, it can do epic damage, saving the party from certain death. Usually, it leaves what appears to be a sunburn on the enemy.

The controversial part: Level 1 magic attack
Concentrate 1d8 (If it is more advisable, 1d10 or 1d12) Helpless during concentrate. May break concentrate at any time.
Encounter power (If necassary, daily, 1/3days, weekly)
-5 VS Fort. (At 1st lvl)
2^(1d6) damage. [2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64]
Critical results in damage to all squares equivelent to a burst. It is NOT a burst. Miscast results in damage to player. (a 2X2 monster would to max damage of 192)

D&D custom:
1. Threat instant kill on critical hit. Roll 2 or 3 regular hits for IK. If any other is a critical, results in IK and stores critical hit on that weapon indefinately. Only applicable as it is seen as logical by DM. For example, would not apply to unarmed VS dragon

2. Defense roll varient as stated in the DMG. However, traps use static AC and critical failure results in dropped weapon normally. However, it may also result in self injury, possibly self injury leading to modifier reduction. Critical defense results in bonus turn. Still restricted to 1 move action, this may be bonus turn or normal turn. Standard actions and free actions may be done in both.

3. Bola change, player may select upper body or lower body attack. UB is -5 penalty at lvl 1. UB results in disarm on hit. Instant neck snap on critical hit.

4. Unarmed combat deals damage upon discription by player and jugement of DM. Because getting slapped by a elf is not the same a getting strangled by a goliath :smallsmile:.

5. May use a skill instead of AC, if appropriate and desired by PC. (such as athletics check)

6. Reroll initiative per round variation as stated in DMG.

7. Random $, as determined by DMG. Because you CAN have a rich ranger or a poor fighter

8. Mounts may act on their turn or on player's turn. Restricted to 1 move action per round. May use alternate powers on their turn. May place exception if necassary.

9. Critical failure results in DC 11 to avoid weapon drop. DC 6 to avoid self injury.

10. IK on negative bloodied. Death after 3 failed throws. Recovery (here, HP 0) on critical success.

11. 49+ damage requires Fort. save. Otherwise, IK

12.+-1 die type per size change. Min. of d2. more than d12 is +2 per size.

13. May use concentrate check to attempt to gain bonus to either damage or accuracy. lvl 1: DC 25 +7, DC 20 +5, DC 15 +3. Critical may be used as critical in the attack. Restricted to 1 turn and it is a standard action, uless critical success

14. Should a critical hit also deal subdual same amout? Thoughts?

15. May shift at any point during move action.

16. This part I guess has always been the case, but if certain information is not known, just go with DM estimate. A simpler skill rank system I developed is I/4.

2010-10-26, 11:51 AM
Nawt 3.5, dood, liek, lol.

Other than that, try to put coffee aside and in nice, full sentences say what's going on and whether or not I should be scared.

2010-10-27, 08:43 AM
Nawt 3.5, dood, liek, lol.

Other than that, try to put coffee aside and in nice, full sentences say what's going on and whether or not I should be scared.

To put it simply, you are somewhat unlikely to hit with it. If you do, you have less than a 50% chance of dealing any sort of damage worth using this. However, you have a chance of dealing EPIC damage normally off limits to lvl1 players. up to 64 damage to a 1 square, up to 192 for a 2X2, and for anything at least 3X3, up to 320 damage.

To sum it all up, it can be best compared to a lottery. EPIC low chances, EPIC high rewards.