View Full Version : Pathfinder Paladin Sorcerer DD gish build

2010-10-27, 01:51 AM
what feats should i start to build and what advise do any of you have on a possible gish build revolving around the paladin. I only plan on dipping 1 level into sorcerer...

18 str
16 dex
14 con
12 int
10 wis
18 cha

I had originally planned on going full pali as i was supposed to be the tank of the group. But, alas 2 others rolled fighter builds. Kinda stole my thunder. I am fully happy going full pali still... i just thought since the party lacks a wizard or a sorc. A gish build may be more appropriate. Looking, honestly for a melee monster.

looking for:
Feat advise (currently TWF, imp sheild bash)
weapon choices (currently scimitar/ small spiked shield)
sorcerer spell choices
general build ideas.

EDIT: pathfinder core only.