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2010-10-27, 02:28 AM
Hi Guys!

I want to make a gestalt character. My Idea is, that he's capable of doing a bit of everything, and in fighting he's kind of melee only. Plus I want him to be VoP, just for the style.
So after a bit of research I came up with Factotum // some Smack variant.

I don't want it to be totally Min./Max. King of Smack, but I don't really know how to do it. The old posts from wizards for president and god of smack are gone and I'm not quite shure if i need some Monk lev or something.

My Idea is: Race Elan (this race is a must, it's campaign linked!)

Ranger 1/ Factotum 19 // Egoist 6/ Slayer 10 / Elocater 1??/ Warshaper 2??/ PrC with ML+1??

So basically after 10 Slayer Level i don't know how to further progress. It would be awesome to get a few suggestions.
Also, I'd love to see some "must have" Feats and Powers. Featwise I only have like two times Font of Inspiration in mind, but I don't know if it's worth it with this build.

All books allowed. Starting Level will be 10+

Thanks in advance and have a nice day ;)

2010-10-27, 03:58 AM

The King of Smack!

2010-10-27, 04:12 AM
Thanks, but i knew this thread!

I'm making a gestalt character, so I thought i could get some other nice kombos. For instance, i thought it's a good idea to take ranger on the Factotum because the 20th Lev is useless anyway.

Also i'm a little low on Feats, so there might be a less Featburning way?

See ya,

2010-10-27, 04:43 AM
Definitely use the Wild Shape Ranger (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/variantCharacterClasses.htm#ranger) variant so that one level of Ranger grants you Fast Movement. Otherwise just skip Ranger and spend a feat on Track. Another option would be to replace Ranger 1 with Deadly Hunter (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/variantCharacterClasses.htm#druid) + Druidic Avenger (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/variantCharacterClasses.htm#druidVariantDruidicAve nger) 1, to get Monk AC, Track, Barbarian fast movement, and Rage 1/day (use Whirling Frenzy (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/classFeatureVariants.htm#rageVariantWhirlingFrenzy )), along with useful spells like Camouflage (stacks with the Chameleon power) and Longstrider. In that case I'd get Factotum at 1st level for more/better skills, and hopefully you'll be using fractional BAB.

Be sure to get the feats Rapidstrike and Improved Rapidstrike from the Draconomicon (pages 73 and 70). Those are the reason you use Elan for a King of Smack build (Aberration creature type), and they're the reason it's even a viable build at all. King of Smack uses Claws of the Beast and Expansion both augmented to maximum effect, so definitely include Practiced Manifester and Overchannel.

You'll need to spend two feats to get Claws of the Beast and Expansion, another on Practiced Manifester, two more for Overchannel and Talented, one on Improved Natural Attack (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsterFeats.htm#improvedNaturalAttack): Claw, two more later on for Rapidstrike and Improved Rapidstrike, and yet two more for Sacred Vow and Vow of Poverty. You'll want to have Combat Reflexes, and Speed of Thought and Up The Walls are extremely useful if you have room. That's a lot of feats, so you'll probably want to skip Font of Inspiration which should be taken at least three times or not at all. If you can take general feats in place of your bonus Exalted feats, or if you can get someone to Chaos Shuffle them for you, then you shouldn't have any problem getting everything you want. Definitely say you visited the Iron Wyrm Vault to get Tactile Trapsmith. That turns Search and Disable Device into Dex-based skills, which you'll get to add your Int bonus to from Brains Over Brawn. The Otyugh Hole will give you Iron Will, which is useful if you need that feat to qualify for a prestige class such as Sanctified Mind from Lords of Madness.

Definitely get a level of Warblade at your 17th level, so you'd be something like Egoist 6/ Slayer 10/ Warblade 1, for an initiator level of 9. That will allow you to get Dancing Mongoose, which you can use to get two extra attacks every other round. You'll need to get Rapidstrike at level 12 and Improved Rapidstrike at 18, they have some steep BAB prerequisites. If you're not using fractional BAB and want to use a level of Deadly Hunter Druidic Avenger, go something like Factotum 6/ DHDA 1/ Factotum 13// Egoist 6/ Sanctified Mind 4/ Slayer 6/ Warblade 1/ Slayer 3, which should lose only two points of BAB and three levels of manifesting by level 20.

2010-10-28, 04:41 PM
Thank you very much for your answer, these were awesome tipps!

Your suggestions are all great, but I don't know why I need Sanctified Mind? I miss one Manifester Level and I don't really like the benefits. Or is this build very BAB dependent?

Thanks again,

The Rabbler
2010-10-28, 05:05 PM
If you can somehow acquire the book, the Ghostbreaker PrC from the swords and sorcery book Hyperconsious, is full BaB and full ML progression with some class features that target undead. It also gives some turning (to go along with your factotum turning) to fuel devotion feats (tasty, tasty devotion feats). Lots of fun to throw onto a king of smack build.

also, you might want to look at the tashalatora feat from Secrets of Xen'drik. It lets your manifester levels stack with your monk levels for both PP and UA damage/AC bonus. This actually works fairly well with a king of smack build, which can be found here (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19539114/Psychic_Warrior_Build_Guide_38;_Compendium_Revised ) (scroll down to the tashalatora build in the build guide section)

Your suggestions are all great, but I don't know why I need Sanctified Mind? I miss one Manifester Level and I don't really like the benefits. Or is this build very BAB dependent?

as your character is primarily a melee combatant, you can't afford to give up any BaB. BaB governs not only your likelyhood to hit, but also how much you can PA for; a number which has a pretty large effect on the amount of damage you do.

Keld Denar
2010-10-28, 05:34 PM
BAB also makes a difference for when you can take Rapid Strike. RS has a BAB requirement of +10, which means if you can lose at MOST 2 BAB and still take it at level 12. Improved Rapid Strike requires a BAB of +15, which means if you want it for your level 18 feat, you'd have to make sure you don't lose more than 3 BAB by that point.

Thats assuming you are going for those feats.

2010-10-28, 05:42 PM

I like the slayer, can i take only 5 Egoist Lvl and 10 of slayer? I mean, if I'm able to get the prereq., I didn't check!

Keld Denar
2010-10-28, 05:45 PM
Well, the 6th level of any class ALWAYS gets +1 BAB (along with +1 all saves), so thats generally worth taking. Thats a bit different with gestalt, but not much. Something to think about.

2010-10-30, 06:45 AM
So I decided for:
Facto1/DHDA1/Facto19//Egoist5/Sanctified4/Slayer10/X (we need some month to get to lev 20, so no need to hurry the decision :) )

At egoist6 i'd get his nice Bonuses, but sanctified mind grants me +2 on fort and will, so that's nice too imo!

In my calculations i end up at BAB 19, because taking DHDA at second lev enables me to erase two no BAB Levs from Egoist with factotum. Is this right or did i make a mistake?

I'm also considering the feat Mage slayer, is it worth it?