View Full Version : [3.5] cleric/horizon walker anyone?

2010-10-27, 02:14 PM
I play with an older group of guys thats been doing this all about 6+ yrs constantly and we mainly just use core. it boils down to two reasons
1) we've been broke since day one and books tend to cost money
2) been able to re-work core for just about everything under the sun we've needed to do

but an odd mix got brought up a handfull of days ago; i was thinking of making a solitary villian and not sure how to go about it. wanted him to be about well rounded as possible and stubbled upon this mix. now this is why i like it.

the mix allows for every armor and shield (expet tower shields) and also pretty much every melee weapon in the game. in addition the char in question can cast cure spells quite readily to heal oneself, also able to cast its own buffs. since most of the single char buffs are below 3rd level. the fort and will saves will be decent on the char. HP wouldn't be the best, but its a good middle of the road option at D8.

plus if i went with knowledge domain to get the skills required to opt into horizon walker by lvl 6, allows for divination spells (which have their uses, more so for villians tracking people...) and did the other domain into travel. i'd get the fly spell by lvl 5, which; in my opinion would just be fun to screw with people seeing a full plate human fly at them... could just be me :P

but the main reason why i am loving the idea is this; that by mid level this build could actually turn quite skill heavy with horizon walkers +4 skills per level and the skill pluses from the terrain mastery, could also be well used for ambushes and the like. but also the palanar masteries is were the gravy is at. it has 20 dr to fire/cold (most evoc casters i know ALWAYS use fire... its just almost a given) the dimensional door is another one that has its uses in just screwing with the PC's... able to jump into and out of battle, and able to nail casters by first round if not sooner. also the treamorsense i beleive would have a lot of uses. mainly underneath the cover of darkness in general but also the darkness and deeper darkness spells.

anyway, thats the overtly long post, was just curious if anyone had imput on the idea or what not. the group i'm running with are gonna run to epic level so i'm not to worried about putting levels into the concept design, its kind of in its first stages. well thanks for the imput