View Full Version : 3.5 Making the Swordsaint: Kensai Help

2010-10-28, 05:57 PM
This saturday is a new 3.5 world for DnD, and I'm still lacking a character. My first choice is to make a BAMF melee build, primarily around kensai. We are starting at lvl~12 I think, so right off the bat I have some flex room for the character. So, my question to you now, is: what build makes the best Kensai. Obviously as a full melee (tank), I am going for high to hit bonus, and huge damage. My first thought was half-giant, a level of lion totem barbarian, a few of fighter (or maybe warblade?) And enough in kensai so make a very nastily powerful sword. So, with that, what would you do? If theres any specific info you need, just ask, im rather forgetful.

2010-10-28, 06:27 PM
You know, Kensai's are all about what weapon enhancements you can find. Go find something nasty on MiC and go to town.

Also, Max out that concentration check, ok? You want that +8 to strength often.

If you are going half giant (do they have level adjustment, I can't remember), use Psy Warrior instead of a regular fighter. Psions are great, and they mesh well with the Kensai flavor. If you can rebuy the level adjustment, even better.

With psywarrior you will be delayed a bit to get into the class, but you will praise the powers you will receive.

If not using the Psywarrior, go Crusader/Warblade. If you can reach level 3 manouvers/stances you will be fine (Iron Heart Surge, anyone?). Diamond Mind and Iron Heart are great choices if you go Warblade. I recomend the d12 HD.

Edit: Witch reminds me of a melee build I devised some months ago: The OmniFighter. Going Psionics for a while, prestige classing into something non-psionic and then ending the build with ToB to benefit from how much the book is dip-friendly. You can adapt this to any concept you want. I don't know, hoever, if it is effective.