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2010-10-28, 10:27 PM
So, the only guns mentioned in the DMG are pretty rubbish if you want to play a game with a technology level somewhere around, say, Eberron's for instance. So, after way too much Fable 3 the last few days (and actually missing the Fable 2 classifications for guns), I came up with these.

Clockwork Firearm
A clockwork firearm relies on gears and black powder to load, chamber and fire its rounds. However, unlike old-fashioned black-powder weapons, the entire process is streamlined. Ammunition comes packed with the black powder in a special cartridge, which top-loads into the weapon and cycles through each round in turn, and a series of gears drops the spent chamber out of the bottom of the weapon once it's fired. It takes a swift action (free action with the Rapid Reload feat) to load and set the cartridge into the weapon.
Damage 1d10 20/x4 Pistol; 2d8 20/x4 Rifle
Range Increments 100ft Pistol; 150ft Rifle
Price 100gp

Clockwork Cartridges
This is the specially-packed cartridge used to load clockwork firearms. They come in packs of five, ten, and fifteen shots. Cartridges are reusable and take a full-round action to load five shots into it, including the black powder. This can be split into two move actions (one for the bullets, one for the black powder) split over two rounds if the wielder desires, or two standard actions if they wish to load on the run.
Price 10gp per five shots in the cartridge (10/20/30gp for 5/10/15 shots). 1cp per shot, 3cp per black powder packet.

Turret Firearm
Turret firearms look like several barrels stacked on top of each other - and that's exactly what they are. They are breach-loading weapons (requiring a free action to open), and the barrels cycle around with each shot to bring the next in line. They come in 3, 6 and 9 barrel versions, and take a move action per three barrels loaded to reload (swift action per 3 barrels with Rapid Reload). They require special ammunition, called a shell, which includes the black powder within the ammunition itself. This condensing leads to greater range than a clockwork rifle.
Damage 2d6 20/x4 Pistol; 3d8 20/x4 Rifle
Range Increment 150ft Pistol; 200ft Rifle
Price 3-Barrel Pistol (45gp); 6-Barrel Pistol (90gp); 9-Barrel Pistol (135gp); 3-Barrel Rifle (60gp); 6-Barrel Rifle (120gp); 9-Barrel Rifle (180gp)

Turret Shells
These are most akin to modern shells, containing the black powder within the metal casing, which ignites to propel the shell down the barrel and towards its target. Typically shaped like a pointed cylinder, they are dangerous to make, for if they're made incorrectly, they'll explode and destroy your weapon when you try to fire it - and likely blow up your face, too. Anyone crafting these with 6 or more ranks in an appropriate Craft skill negates this possibility. If a shell is completely submerged in water, it requires 1 minute to dry off before it can be fired - and has a 15% chance that the powder is too wet to fire. This increases by 10% for every minute the shell is left submerged.
Price 5cp per shell

Depending on your campaign setting, these weapons may require an Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat. But since nobody actually cares about EWP, treat them as a Simple weapon if it's sufficiently advanced (if these exist, the setting probably is).

Enchanting:Clockwork and Turret weapons may be enchanted with any enchantment that goes onto a ranged weapon. Turret firearm barrels may be separately enchanted, or enchanted as a package, player's choice. If enchanted piecemeal, they apply their enchantments to the shells contained within them, and cost 60% less to enchant, but 10% more to purchase as a completed weapon.

Additional A shell or bullet fired from a Clockwork or Turret firearm is effectively destroyed upon impact. However, you may recover the ammunition (if you can find it) with a Craft check and appropriate materials (a hot fire and mold to recast a clockwork firearm's bullet, and a hammer and black powder to reshape and refill a turret shell; DC is 10 for either, and takes one minute; minus one round per 2 points you beat the Craft DC by [minimum 1 round for 3 pieces of ammunition]). Shells and bullets may be made out of any material you wish - reduce the base ammunition cost for special materials by 50%. You can apply the Darkwood material to the weapon's stock or grip, reducing its weight by half.

Special Guns ignore one-half of any damage reduction that isn't magical or epic in nature. If a DR is both magical and material-based, then they ignore one-quarter.