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2010-10-29, 06:48 AM
I've been playing in an e6 game for a while, with players that are fairly inexperienced but cover all of the bases in terms of tank, healer, arcane caster, skill monkey etc. So I've pretty much got free reign with my choice of class.

I've had an idea that I want to run with purely because it sounds awesome to me. Basically, I want to be the guy in the zombie movies that marches steadily onwards with a shotgun, blowing enemies into itty bitty pieces.

- something to represent the shotgun - crossbow, eldrtich blast reflavoured to be channeled through somerthing, soulbow
- single shot each turn with boosted damage capability (e6 - iteratives are difficult to get)

So I've come up with 2 alternatives. Psychic warrior with the psychic shot feat line (fighterdip to get bab 5) or scout.

The psychic warrior line is more feat intensive, but has the added bonus of these feats being psionic, so I'll get great use from psionic body. It also has stand and shoot capability, whereas the scout has to move, but has a lot more utility in terms of skills.

I'm leaning towards psychic warrior with ewp:repeating crossbow, psychic shot and meditation at first level (to get the mechanics of the build going) and then pbs, precise shot, greater psionic shot, psionic body and as many psionic talent feats as possible, which boost booth pp and hp.

I'm not sure what powers to take though, as the build so far is entirely unreliant on them.

Anyone got any better ideas?

2010-10-29, 07:22 AM
If you expect your party to be outnumbered in many encounters, use powers that are useful for crowd control. As a ranged character, you are most effective when you can attack your enemies from range, so you have to keep them from getting into melee range with you.
Or you might consider powers that allow you to change your positions quickly, so you can put additional distance between you and the enemies when they manage to get too close.