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2010-10-29, 02:50 PM
so for the last couple of gaming sessions, I have been dming a campaign of mine that sort of works on dnd from the view of the townsfolk who live at a town near a dragon's cove type island. The PCs are all pretty normal NPC type people, the blacksmith, the bartender, the musician, that kind of thing. The story will slowly turn them into heroes as their town gets into trouble. adventurers are moving in and destroying their world. people are abducted if they oppose the adventurers, so the town is becoming the adventurer's playpen. So far all three of the PCs have been abducted after they all stood up to a powerful adventurer and made things "difficult."
at this point I have an idea: Adventurers are cut of a different cloth for a reason. Normal humans at first, they have a demon summoned and linked to them. It is a two sided deal. The adventurer gains power, but the demon now has a bit of a proxy. The demon will endow more of his being as the adventurer becomes more and more successful, because he trusts the adventurer more and knows the adventurer to be a little more worthy. Trust is pretty much XP. If the adventurer fights a powerful monster and wins, then they are more worthy of trust and power, so the demon gives them more. the demonic energy is how a high level fighter can dive and backstroke in lava. It is how a wizard manipulates reality, and why a monk can fall 50 feet without a scratch.
an especially powerful fighter will be endowed with large amounts of power and resilience, but a weak one would get at best a couple new tricks and be able to take one more hit than your average guy. If the adventurer dies, the demon will lose the power endowed in him, so they put the least power in the most risky investments. Think of it like an insurance agency. or the stock market. Maybe not the stock market, though. demons are evil, but not that bad.
so this is my current idea, and I want to do one of two things:
1) have them try to find a way to sever that connection between human and demon
2) "hack" the connection and gain their own powers from either an outcast demon or through some sort of treachery to get a demon to screw up and give the power to them.

So what do you think? does the demon connection seem like a good explanation for XP and leveling and should I go for 1 or two? or something completely different?