View Full Version : Mark of Making Varient

2010-10-29, 08:42 PM
So I'm setting up an Eberron campaign and I have a player who wants to play an artificer with the mark of making, and going all the way to greater. The issue is that he doesn't really see how it improves his item making abilities other than the +2, which he doesn't really view as worth the 3 feats.

Basically he loves the flavor but wants some more functionality for the feat investments. No ideas really jump out at me so I figured I'd as for some help

(Oh and if this has been covered before I apologize but the search keeps failing for me)

2010-10-30, 02:00 PM
In all honesty, if it fits your campaign, you could just give them to him, it really wouldn't imbalance things to much. And if you want to be fair, you could let the other players take one (or an aberrant dragonmarks, see Dragonmarked for higher degrees of aberrant dragonmarks).