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2010-10-31, 10:23 AM
Okay, I'm a little embarrassed to say this but I'm using this Batman-esque belt of useful stuff I found online. This Here. (http://brilliantgameologists.com/boards/index.php?PHPSESSID=3d7801a927efe9d32617863ef4a904 39&topic=4400.0)and Here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=148101)

Anyway, it lists explosive shurikens as one of the items it contains, but I can't find any mention of a way to magically enhance weapons to be explosive. Anyone know where I can find it?

2010-10-31, 10:33 AM
A little alchemist's fire covered by a thin layer of ceramic that'll break on impact.
Alchemist's fire is combustible on contact with air. Price: Unknown.

2010-10-31, 10:38 AM
heroes of battle page 130 want the description?

The Dark Fiddler
2010-10-31, 10:45 AM
Also in Complete Warrior, page 134, as a +2 enhancement for melee weapons or +3 for ranged.

2010-10-31, 10:50 AM
huh? its a +2 for ammunition only in HoB. 1d6 fire damage + every one within 10 feet makes a reflex dc 14 or take an additional 1d6 fire. I would house-rule it so that it can be applied to ranged weapons.

2010-10-31, 12:01 PM
The op is right about the alchemist fire. I am going to expand upon it with a list of alchemical items that you could find in Crystal Keep that are possibly explosive in some way. This list will also include thrown alchemical items that can be used as a weapon. The best way to throw these alchemical items is with a Gnome Calculus which is basically an enlarged sling meant for slinging flasks. The range increment normally for a grenade-like alchemical item is 10' while the Calculus increases it to 50'.

Spoiler for lenght
1. Alchemical Silence-Similar to a silence effect, and/or improve move silently
2. Spy Button Flash-5' radius burst that dazzles for 1d3 rounds (Fort negates DC 15)
3. Sugar Bomb-when thrown into a draon's mouth it removes their blindsense for 1d6 rounds
4. Acid-Grenade-like 10' range incremet, 1d6 Acid on direct hit and 1 hp splash
5. Oil of Nausea-Grenade like, 1d4 rounds of nausea on direct hit (Fort negates DC15), all in 5' radius are nauseated for 1 round (Fort negates DC 10)
6. Alchemist's Fire (bullet/bolt/arrow)-most well known alchemical item, can also be used has a bullet/ bolt/ arrow for varying effects
7. Ferrous Aqua-5' range increment or can be a sling bullet, does 1d6 (no save) and is sickened for 1 round (Fort negates DC 12) to creatures with DR bypassed by cold iron
8. Plate Thinner-on impact softens the hide of a dragon or any creature with the reptilian subtype that has a natural armor bonus, a Nat 20 on attack that is confirmed as a critical does an extra "+1" damage multiple (x2 becomes a x3), effect lasts for 1 minute and the larger the dragon/ reptile the more doses needed fo effect
9. Powdered Silver-same effect as Ferrous aqua but to creatures with DR bypassed by silver
10. Shadow Haze Dust-10' radius on location with a -6 to spot for 1 hour or until the eyes are flushed out with 1 gallon of water
11. Wet Fire-1d6 fire and splash for 1hp, on direct hit an extra 1d6 if he does not put himself out, immersion in water does not put it out but grants an +2 to Reflex
12. Alchemist Frost- 1d8 cold on direct hit and 1 hp splash
13. Alchemist Spark- 1d8 electrical on direct hit and 1 hp splash
14. Alchemist Mineral Acid- 1d6 for 3 rounds to inert rock or stone, 1d6 to creatures with earth subtype + 1d6 next round, 1 hp splash to any earth creature within 5'
15. Acidic Fire-1d4 fire+ 1d4 acid on direct hit, additional 1d4 fire if not put out, 1 hp splash for acid and 1 hp splash fire
16. Blasting Pellets-covers a 5' square, any creature stepping on them sets them off (Reflex save DC 15 to not set them off), 1d6 sonic damage no save
17. Brown Mold Oil-2d6 non-lethal cold, all in 5' recieve 1d6 non-lethal cold
18. Burning Dust-creatures in 5' radius are sickened and blinded for 1d6 rounds (Fort negates DC 12), creatures resist to fire or critical hits are immune to this
19. Long-Burning Alchemist Fire-does the same initial damage as a standard Alchemist fire, it does 1d6 on eacj of the two following rounds with a Reflex save DC 17 to put out
20. Poison-Friend Pod-on impact releases a 10' radius of spores in air for 1 round, anyone in contact with spores recieve a -4 to saves vs poison for 10 minutes (Fort negates DC15)
21. Thunderstone and Tanglefoot Bag-classic alchemical items
22. Liquid Sunlight-can be used has a sling bullet, on impact gives off light as a torch for 1 round, any creature sensitive to sunlight is dazzled for 1 round, any creature who takes damage from sunlight takes 1d6 damage

The group I'm in has also used Dwarven Ale as an explosive. Warning Dwarven Ale can go nuclear.