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2010-11-01, 04:27 AM
I have a hypothetical question about how far its absorption goes.

Say that I am a 10th level Wizard (just for the sake of argument) permanently polymorphed into a Mind Flayer (would I need any feat or the like in particular to be able to much on the brain of a CR9 creature?), and take levels of Illithid Savant. I then have a few brains for lunch, and gain the spellcasting class feature of a 20th level wizard (or 20th level cleric, or 10th level Beholder Mage, or whatever). If my permanent polymorph is then dispelled or otherwise altered so that I am a different creature instead, do I retain the spellcasting that I absorbed? Or do I lose it? The acquired class feature is gained through the use of Illithid Savant's absorption, but is supposedly "permanently added" to the character. Additionally, if I re-trained out of the class to add more caster levels via spellcasting classes/PrCs, would I lose the absorbed class features that way too?

Additionally, does this loss of class features = loss of abilities gained also apply to the skills and feats that are absorbed?

Finally, how can I get around the limitations on how many class features and/or feats and/or skills and/or special attacks/qualities that I can absorb? At 10th level, the Illithid Savant can only absorb three class features, for example, and when absorbing spellcasting I only get one spell per level as well as one spell known per level (granted, if I munch on a Beholder Mage I think I can learn many, many more, right?). Is there a way to get more than these?

2010-11-01, 10:47 AM
I'm uncertain on the other things, but if you want more uses of your Illithid Savant ability then you should eat an Illithid Savant who has more than one use remaining so you can make a profit.

2010-11-01, 05:34 PM
There are RAW arguments against IS chaining past a depth of 1.

Polymorph (even PAO) is a bad way to take racial PrCs. Yes you lose all PrC benefits save proficiencies, BAB, and saves while not in the appropriate form.

If you want more power with IS, you're not thinking hard enough. My pre-epic Bootstrapping thread on BG might interest you.