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2010-11-01, 08:13 AM
I come, cap in hand, requesting help optimising a DMPC.
The party are seriously lacking in firepower, and have lost a player - so I'm "bringing back" an NPC they met previously to help them out a little.

My current build is this:
Sorcerer 4 (dragonblood substitution 1,4)
Kobold Paragon 3
Dragonheart Mage 5

I remember he has a Cha of 18 and a Dex of 20, but not much else.
So far, he has Draconic Rite of Passage (produce flame) and Greater Draconic Rite of Passage (Polymorph) and a bunch of feats that I may be able to detail tomorrow - I forgot to bring my folder to work >.<

I have access to: PHB, PHB2, Draconomicon, Races of Dragons, DMG.

I'd like the guy to be good in the damage / buff department, but not 'broken'

All constructive comments welcomed.

2010-11-01, 08:48 AM
ECL 12, effective Sorcerer level 11 (1 lost CL to Kobold Paragon, another to Dragonheart Mage, 1 regained with Greater Draconic Rite of Passage). OK.

"Greater Draconic Rite of Passage (Polymorph)" - ? Greater Draconic Rite of Passage increases his effective Sorcerer level, it does not give a new SLA.

For all your damage-dealing needs, take Wings of Flurry (Races of the Dragon). Force damage, uncapped, dazes on a failed save.

The rest might as well be buffs. So pile up the transmutations and abjurations. The list would depend on the kind of characters you are trying to buff up. Aside from not being damage-dealing powerhouses, what are they?

2010-11-01, 08:57 AM
Sorry - it's the substitution ability from dragonblood sorcerer that gives polymorph as a 3/day ability. my bad.

We have (all ECL12):
a half-celestial sorcerer
a duergar thief.
a half-fey/drow cleric
a thri-kreen fighter
a githzerai exalted monk.

None are heavily optimized, and the lack of area-effect damage has hurt them in the past.

2010-11-01, 10:09 AM
I would lean more on the "buff" side than the "damage" side. Pitching in if the players are weak is fine, but if this guy starts winning encounters by himself, your players will likely end up feeling more like spectators.

Last Laugh
2010-11-01, 10:49 AM
It seems like the rest of the party is at least a levels behind you due to LA, unless you did away with that...

Chain spell (Carc) lets buff spells like Greater magic weapon, Greater Mighty Wallop (RotD) or Dragmagic) and Superior resistance(spc, +6 saves) affect up to Clvl targets. (note that each weapon is a target, not each player wielding a weapon)

Lesser Metamagic Rod of Chain spell is a good option instead of the actual feat. (Dmg)

Normally I wouldn't suggest Mage Armor, Greater but your party may need it. (SpC) (+6 AC for 1hr/lvl) Either chain it or use Mage Armor, Mass (+4 to many targets)

Whirling Blade (SpC) lets your newly enchanted +3 1d12 morningstar hit many targets :)

You might want to pick up a few Summon Monster X spells (not one from each level, bad for sorcerer) because you are in need of meat shields.

Haste/Slow are good spells. Weakening many opponents, making allies stronger.

Battlefield control is good, but the DMPC shouldn't steal the spotlight. Glitterdust is a low enough level spell that most enemies will save against it. It still debuffs some foes tho.
Wall spells are a good choice. Wall of stone can keep a fighter from being flanked for instance.

Suggest that the cleric pick up Magic Vestment for more buffing goodness.

2010-11-02, 03:28 AM
OK, back. Yeah, everyone is a LA race... the Cleric is quite a way behind.
This party are in the World's Largest Dungeon, so no summons unfortunately.

For feats, I have pencilled in:
Draconic Heritage
Draconic Resistance
Draconic Reservoir
Draconic Legacy
Draconic Toughness
Combat Reflexes (for Ghostly Tail spell mostly)
Weapon Finess (cos of his high Dex)
Versatile spellcaster

Buff spells: I have Burning Rage, sinse a few of the party have fire resistance. Any other good ones?
I've had to give the guy Break Enchantment and Vunerability, cos as DM, I know some of the stuff coming >.<

I don't have Carc or SpC

2010-11-03, 08:01 AM
Just as an update, the half-celestial sorcerer is mainly concentrated in buffs, which is why the party's damage output is alarmingly low.

Are there no more comments / suggestions on what I have mentioned so far? Better feats, perhaps? (taking into account my limited library)

2010-11-03, 08:48 AM
AoE battlefield control is explicitly superior to damage. however, if you're set on damage, look at The Mailman (http://community.wizards.com/go/thread/view/75882/19868534/The_Mailman:_A_Direct_Damage_Sorcerer?pg=1) for ideas.

Is there any way to change your build? Are third party sources allowed? The Dragon Heritage Kobold Paragon from the Koboldnomicon is better than Kobold Paragon. Also, consider Incantrix. To do good damage you NEED to have strong metamagic capabilities.

Dragonheart Mage is....pretty weak, also.

2010-11-04, 08:55 AM
As I said in the original post, I have access to: PHB, PHB2, Draconomicon, Races of Dragons, DMG. I managed to get the kobold stuff of the WotC website a while back.

If there is a better non-homebrew build within these books, I am open to suggestions.

Edit: I may be able to look up stuff from Races of Stone, Races of the Wild.