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2010-11-01, 03:36 PM
Due to not wanting to be to uberly powerful nor take advantage of a dm allowing something that just should not be I am wanting to remake my character. I have the fluff but I don't have the mechanics. Originally I was a Wu Jen/ Mindbender but my inexperienced dm ruled that my eternal charm and my thrall counted as a cohort each. In other words I am a weak but charismatic caster with leadership and SIX cohorts (I am level 15 they are level 13) requirements in a build, leadership feat (I used the followers to establish a corporation), enchantment and especially mind affecting focus on spells, ideas for a cohort that would mesh well (I have pretty much everything as a cohort its just a matter of picking which one) for fluff I would prefer to stick with Wu Jen but not required, also some way to get telepathy without dipping into mindbender class.
Books allowed
Spell compendium needs to be approved
Libris mortis
Heroes of Horror
Your ideas are appreciated