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2010-11-01, 06:01 PM
Hello there GitP forums, I don't come here with homebrew often (or at all), but this seems to be the best place to ask for this sort advice. (Not that I won't be asking elsewhere)

Anyway, one of my players asked me to rustle up a 5-dot artifact flame-gun weapon, and I came up with this:

The Pistol of Mornings Glory. (Artifact 4-5)


The user must be attuned to this weapon in order to use it properly. Using it unattuned requires a hearthstone 1 dot above normal, and has an accuracy of -3.

Regular: The Pistol of Mornings Glory fire impossibly hot blasts of essence, each shot costing 3 motes to fire. The cost is negated if you install a hearthstone of two dots or more.

Area of Effect: Alternatively, the Pistol of Mornings Glory can fire concentrated beads of essence that explode when they reach their maximum range or hit something, whichever comes first. The radius of this explosion is 5 yards. Each AoE shot costs 4 motes to fire. This cost is negated if you install a hearthstone of two dots or more.

Overcharge: If the wielder desires, they can spend 20 ticks charging up the pistol to release a truely overwhelming blast of essence. This blast has a radius of (Permanent Essence x 10), and lowers the effective rating of the hearthstone by one dot for 24 hours. This blast also completely ignores soak from mundane sources.

Note: No other benefit is gained from a hearthstone installed in the pistol. It is purely to power the gun itself.

*Special, see text.
Mode: Speed: Acc: Damage: Rate: Range: Attune: Tags:
Regular 4 +3 12/4 L 2 50 8 F, P, O
AoE 4 +3 8/2 L 2 50 8 F, P, O
Overcharge 6* +0 40/10 L 1 150 8 F, P, O

*Special, see text.

•Yes, I know this is probably the most important part, but I want to get the crunch straight first.

So, what do you think?

I think it comes in at high Artifact 4, low Artifact 5, but I'd like to know what the opinions of much more experienced, wise, and intelligent people are.