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Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-11-01, 08:07 PM
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Community Compendium of Holiday Homebrew

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Welcome to the Community Compendium of Holiday Homebrew, where the entire playground can post their festive creations for any edition of any RPG system.
It can be monsters, equipment, classes, races, powers, traps, short adventures, or really anything else; just as long as it has to do with some kind of winter holiday!

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-11-05, 09:21 PM
This is for 4th edition.

This sure was a lot of fun to make.

Spearmint Weapon
Have you ever left a spearmint candy on your tongue too long and it stats to burn? Well this is what's what this weapon is based on.
Those injured with a spearmint weapon are overcome with the searing pain of ultra-strong peppermint in their wounds.

Spearmint Weapon (Uncommon)
Wounds delivered with this frosty, minty smelling weapon burn with spearmint.
Level: 4
Price: 840 gp
Weapon: Any
Enhancement: +1 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 cold damage, and the target is dazed (save ends).

Power (At-Will Cold): Free Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is cold damage. Another free action returns the damage to normal.
Power (Daily Cold): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target is slowed and grants combat advantage (save ends).


Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-11-13, 10:11 PM
This is for 3.5.

This spell does not use the traditional sommon monster mechanic but my own system. It borrows heavily from the ways summon monster spells work in 4e.

Summon Nutcracker Golem
Conjuration (Summoning) [see text]
Level: Sor/Wiz 2, Brd 2, Clr 3
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 1 round
Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect: One summoned creature
Duration: 2 rounds/level
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No

In an unoccupied space within the spell's range you summon a medium-sized construct with 1 hit point, your saving throws, an AC of 12 + your level, and a speed of 6.
Once per round it can attack an adjacent foe with a bonus equal to you level (dealing 1d6 + your level damage on a hit).
If the creature is takes damage you can choose to negate all of the damage to the creature but instead take half of the damage (This damage can in no way be reduced or resisted).
Note: The nutcracker golem is not an actual creature but a spell effect that resembles one. It has no ability scores, can not receive buff spells or ability damage, and can be removed with Dispel Magic. It has no statistics beyond the ones stated.


What do you think of the summoning mechanic? Is the spell balanced?