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2010-11-02, 01:31 AM
Farbos, the Strangled Prince

Legend: Farbos once sat at court with the elder pantheon, known for his appetite of the flesh. He held domain over Envy, blood, wrath, and betrayal. The elder court had decreed that none of them would interact directly with the mortal races, but Farbos cared little for such rules. In secret he would torment mortals, flaying them alive, deceiving them into attacking friend as foe, or even driving them to insanity with depraved acts often involving cannibalism. He started a cult following of mortal worshipers to feed his ego. The cult was found out by his fellow elder god, Ambracato, who held domain over justice, righteousness, and zealotry. Ambracato snuffed out the cult, and almost all record in the mortal realm of Farbos' very existence. Farbos was furious, but took his rebuking from the elder court with a smile and hollow promises. Farbos, being a creature of wrath, sought his revenge over millennia. He caught the ear of his brother Shim, the elder god of death and silence. He sought to dampen the ego of his fellow by pointing out that while he supposedly held sway over all things, he would be unable to snuff the light of one as bright as those that sit on his counsel. For thousands of years Farbos wormed his words into his brother's ear, until one day Shim sought to prove his power over death was sovereign. He declared that his power was above all of his fellows, for he alone held the power to end their immortal reigns. Ambracato stood up and declared Shim to be mad, for death should not know ambition. Death should be without guile, without judgment. Ambracato recognized Shim's words as belonging to Farbos. He raised up his hammer, capable of shattering the world, and brought it to bear against Farbos' grinning face. Shim, fearing irrationally for his brother reached out and snuffed the immortal spark from Ambracato. His hammer fell to the ground with a might crash, and color slowly drained from his form. Shim realized what he had done and the whole court stood in horrified silence, save Farbos who laughed and laughed. Shim knew rage for the first time in his immortal life. He grasped Farbos by the throat, but his laughter continued. Shim squeezed and squeezed, to silence his brother's tormenting laughter. As Farbos fell the the ground, an empty husk, his laughter still echoed through the halls.
Farbos exists on as a vestige, unable to accept oblivion, or to abandon his love of mortal adoration.

Special Requirement: Farbos demands that his seal be drawn with the blood of an intelligent humanoid. The amount of blood required is almost always sufficient to be lethal to the would-be donor.

Manifestation: Farbos' laughter is heard echoing around the binder when the seal is complete, Blood drips from the sky (Or ceiling) for a few seconds before giving way to a blood soaked humanoid that collapses onto the seal. The body appears to be that of a paladin. A moment later Farbos steps into view above the seal as a dapper gentleman with a twisted yellow smile from ear to ear. Two skeletal arms growing from his chest maintain a death grip on his throat, despite this he maintains a quiet laughter. Farbos is unable to speak to the binder, but rather nods and mouths breathless words during the pact process.

Sign: Your throat is red and bruised, as if you had been throttled, and you speak with a raspy voice.

Influence: You delight in personal adoration, and despise the righteous and pure. If confronted with the opportunity Farbos requires that you encourage people to notice your greatness. Additionally Farbos forbids you from entering a temple or church to good aligned deities, or from offering aid to paladins and clerics of such faiths.

Granted Abilities: Farbos gives you the power over others, inciting wrath, lust, or madness with your words. Also, he gives you mastery over your blood.
Taunting Laughter: As a standard action you direct a mocking laughter at an opponent, that opponent must make a will save or be forced to take no action but to move toward and attack you. Lasts 1 round for every 2 binder levels, and you must wait 5 rounds before using this power again. This power can only affect targets with an Intelligence of 6 or higher.
Devilís Charisma: You gain a +2 insight bonus to Charisma based skills for every 4 binder levels.
Whispers of Madness: As a standard action, you can drive a creature into a violent madness. They receive a +4 bonus to strength and attack the nearest creature to them, friend or foe, with as many attacks as possible. Lasts 1 round for every 2 binder levels, and you must wait 5 rounds before using this power again. This power can only affect targets with an Intelligence of 6 or higher.
Bloodsinger: Though you appear to bleed normally, you suffer not physical or Constitution damage from bleed effects.

This is the first in a series of vestiges that are being designed for a campaign I'm running. The party defeated a cult of the Blood Prince, and the binder found the texts to summon this guy. Let me know what you guys think, and if you guys are interested in the rest of the vestiges being designed for the campaign.

2010-11-02, 06:07 AM
Sorry to be a spelling nazi, but it should be hollow promises, not hallow promises.

2010-11-02, 06:21 AM
Thank you, fixed.

2010-11-02, 08:15 AM
Interesting legend, I like it, but to judge the balance of the vestige, what level were you intending Farbos to be? I'd say 4th or 5th level. Whispers of Madness could be simplified to be using the spell confusion as a spell-like ability, might be easier.


Realms of Chaos
2010-11-02, 01:12 PM
A couple of the granted abilities strike me as a bit odd.
For one thing, Devil's Charisma: Compared with the +4 ability bonuses that other vestiges gain, +10 is very very high. You can't even argue that it's only Charisma because charisma is the most important ability score for a binder (this thing would grant +5 to save DCs and to binding checks at 20th level). Especially as it stacks with everything else, I'm inclined to state that this ability is too powerful. A normal +4 bonus should do the trick.
Whispers of Madness: This definitely requires a saving throw. Forcing one mook to beat up another mook for several rounds is really powerful and forcing a BBEG to attack a mook instead of you is extremely powerful. There should be some way to resist.
Also, this should probably be considered a mind-affecting ability, as should taunting laughter.