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2010-11-02, 01:36 AM
So, I'm currently playing a wizard. And my party recently... "acquired" some land.

Long story short, if I live long enough, I plan on creating a wizard's tower. But the problem is, I'm not honestly all that sure what to put into it.

I know the Stronghold Builder's Guidebook would be helpful, but I don't have it, and I don't have the money to get it anytime soon. (Which is too bad.)

I should probably go into detail on what I'm thinking of putting into it already. You see, it should double as a "dungeon" in its own right, designed to keep enemies out of my hair just as much as it's designed to house my equipment, serve as home base, and hold my experiments and creations. This would be best because, who knows, maybe in a future campaign it would become the heroes' dungeon crawl.

Since magic is involved, I'm thinking at least 25 stories for the tower itself, several basements, and perhaps some ancillary buildings surrounding it.

Now, the living quarters would of course be above the 20th floor, along with guest quarters for the other party members, magic item vaults, laboratories, etc. Now, on one hand, I want to avoid high level adventurers teleporting in at all times, so some sort of permanent dimension lock would help. (I know you can't use permanency on it, but I know I can get the DM to eventually allow me to create an item or something if I needed it, at least once we're at that level.) However, at the same time I would rather like to be able to teleport to my living quarters myself. So that's what I'd debate there.

Lower, between 11th and 20th floors, there would be a series of fun things, such as death traps, mundane libraries and other private locations, and other fun things. Monsters I'd have bound, golems, constructs and whatever else I need strewn about. Heck, I could make going from tenth floor to twentieth floor some sort of "test" for adventurers, to find really skilled subordinates. Or it could just be combination prison, death trap and "cool stuff" repository. I'm not sure yet. Permanent teleportation circles seem to be great for these levels, in any case.

The bottom ten floors, however, would have traps, sure, but they'd in part be the "living quarters" of any allies/servants/soldiers/young mages I'd have with me. Kitchens, dining rooms, indoor training grounds, libraries, small labs, little quarters for the people, etc. Heck, if I got enough young wizards, I could probably expand the "school" into the second set of ten floors. Or not.

Honestly... I'd love to have something both secure enough for my peace of mind, and something that would be really fun for a party of adventurers to go through, like, a hundred years later!

Does anyone else have any good ideas, things I missed, or cool things you think would be awesome to add to such a tower?

super dark33
2010-11-02, 08:46 AM
librarys, PTAD's (portal to anouter dimansion) a monster dungen, a celler with rats, a conjuring alter, hogwarts style school, dragon hatchery, an exotiv vivarium....

its your call though

2010-11-02, 09:42 AM
Use lots of immovable rods and place the tower on them. Then cast invisibility on everything.
Add disjunction traps.

2010-11-02, 09:47 AM
I recommend the Dungeon Builder's Guidebook from 2e. It has some really interesting stuff.