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2010-11-03, 09:49 PM
So i found this guy in bastards and bloodlines. i decided i wanted to play one, but i don't like the whole LA+3 of it all. My DM told me if i could tone the race down to LA+0 equivalent, i could play it. so here is my try, please PEACH.

Trixie (gnome pixie halfbreed)

(a big part of the Trixie is size changing, so i will present as both sizes)

-4 str
-2 con
+2 dex
+2 cha

speed: 20 feet

Fly speed: none, as you are too heavy for your wings to support.

Low light vision

+2 balance and climb. your wings are able to generate enough lift to help with these skills.

+2 perform (comedy), and this is always a class skill for you. both gnomes and pixies are known for their high quality pranks. you are a paragon of pranking.

Size: tiny

-6 str
-4 con
+4 dex
+2 cha

speed: 10 feet

Fly speed: 40 feet (good)

Low light vision.

same skills bonuses.

Size change: (EX) trixies may change their size from small to tiny and from tiny to small at will. this takes a full round action, and DOES provoke opportunity attacks. none of the trixies gear changes sizes, unless specifically enchanted to resize. (say, the sizing enchantment.)

The ability to use Size Change is gained at fifth level. until then, the trixie is a small sized.

so, that look LA 0 to you? im thinking maybe the size change should be spell like. any suggestions?

(edited to add level requirement to size change)

2010-11-03, 10:25 PM
Fly speeds and size changing, especially as small as tiny, tend to be fairly powerful. Its mostly the fly speed that does it in my book, but being tiny is an issue too. Tibbits can change into cats, which are tiny, so that in itself isnt too bad. Being able to cast spells and wield weapons while tiny on the other hand... That's a little strong, what with all the bonuses to hit and AC and Hide checks. The penalties for being tiny arent a big deal for a caster, or even a well-played rogue.

That said, I think I'd allow it without a level adjustment, or maybe a +1, but I wouldnt let you play it until level 5 or so because by then its not as big a deal. If you want to play one at lower levels, the Raptoran and Dragonborn have "build up to it" flight mechanics that could work here, and you could remove their shapchanging (being small by default) until level 3-5. Hope that helps a little.

2010-11-03, 10:38 PM
alright, thanks a lot. i will throw the idea to my DM, and this sounds reasonable to me.