View Full Version : 4E Homebrew Req | Renaissance Forgotten Realms, and Gun Mage

2010-11-05, 07:05 AM
Hey all, about to start DMing a 4E game, set in Forgotten Realms. As a bit of a twist, I've decided to advance the timeline a couple of hundred years, so I can implement some steampunk elements and ideas from Eberron.

Now, as far as ideas from Eberron, I've already decided to lift Lightning Rail, Airships, and Warforged. Also, I've decided that the revolver has been invented at some point, though definitely not in mass production. Ideas as to how these ideas would alter the societies and cultures of FR would be fantastic.

Also, I really like the idea of a Gun Mage, channeling spells through their revolvers. I was thinking it'd be something like an Arcane Striker.

I understand that a base class would probably be a lot of work, but it could work as a Paragon Path. Anyone be willing to have a go at creating one?

Anyway, thanks in advance!