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2010-11-07, 12:41 AM
I can't find them in the PhB but my friend says you just gain the At-Will, Encounter and Daily powers at that level a normal character of that class would get and none of the Class Features (like Sneak Attack for Rogues). is this true and where can i find the rules in the PhB (if it's in there)?

Mando Knight
2010-11-07, 01:09 AM
...Your friend is pretty much entirely wrong there. Multiclassing in 4e is done via feats: the first feat gives you a (generally watered-down) class feature from the class in question, and qualifies you for the other feats from the class. The pages you're looking for are 208 and 209 in PHB1. PHB3 has Hybrid rules, which yields a character that goes half'n'half with two classes, rather than taking one class and dipping into a second.

EDIT: Also, if you're using Essentials material (Heroes of Fallen Lands or whatever it is), you can't yet properly multiclass with its material (at least into another Essentials class, or use the Power Swap feats for powers you lack), so you'll have to wait for Heroes of Sword and Spell, the book that promises to help reconcile HoFL with prior 4e material.

2010-11-07, 01:21 AM
thanks. i didnt trust my friend (he houserules heavily and forgets which is his rule and which is WOTC's rule) so thats why i came here. thanks for the page number :smallsmile:

2010-11-07, 05:40 AM
The other ways to "multi-class" are:

* To become a half-elf, which gives you an extra encounter power which can become an extra at-will at level eleven if you take the feat Combat Mastery. You can go for a two-fer if you're a Divine power source and take Religious Dabbler.
* Become a Hybrid, but they are rather hard to build and I don't recommend them for the beginning player.