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Where can i find rules for firearms in pathfinder? Does anyody have them?

Thanks :smallbiggrin:

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These look kinda broken to be frank... Is the high price really that much of a balancer?

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They're not all that bad, really. The price hurts, as does the upkeep expense.

Honestly, though, the weapons are hardly broken. They do fair damage, but the range is short and ammunition is expensive. Plus, it's a full round action that provokes to reload, so odds are you won't get many shots off.

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Having played with them, it's not really that bad. Keep in mind that by the time you can afford a musket, the melee people are doing 1d10 plus 5 or 6 strength in one hit. More if they're utilizing PA or TWF. Plus reloading is a standard action. It's more like it makes ranged into a real threat.

2010-11-07, 09:41 PM
At any level beyond like 4, firearms are just terrible. There are no ways to increase their damage, and very few feats that work with them.

2010-11-08, 03:50 AM
Plus reloading is a standard action.
It's not a standard action, it's a full-round one.

It's more like it makes ranged into a real threat.
Is dealing 2d4 to 2d6 damage every other round really a real threat? :smallconfused: Because the way I look at it, in the time it takes to reload and shoot, a longbow-user is sticking an arrow a round into the enemy while using his move actions to prance around like the elf he is.

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And this is why I prefer the Iron Kingdoms firearms rules. It brings them into play more, and there's feats in IK to improve loading time, accuracy, a "power attack"-type feat that lets you trade attack for initiative (only when wielding a firearm), and all kinds of nifty steampunkery for firearms.

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I wrote the following PF firearms rules for a campaign I played in (got the GMs permission) based on d20 modern, a few other sets of homebrew rules I found, and some random other rules. The setting was one where there was an extremely insular human nation with fairly developed firearms, but that Dwarves had back engineered some primitive ones. Admittedly, my firearms-using character died pretty quickly, but they seemed to be not unbalanced. I've posted below.

Firearms Rules:
Firearms count as martial weapons for most nationalities and simple weapons for Tremorans for the purpose of firing. However, a character wishing to do anything more with a firearm must take the Firearms Proficiency feat. Firearms Proficiency allows the character to reload firearms, as well as to maintain them in good working order. Firearms Proficiency is also a prerequisite for Rapid Reload [Firearms].
Black powder can be made with a Craft(Chemistry) check of DC 15, and can be refined from blasting powder with a Craft(Chemistry) or Craft(Gunsmithing) check of DC 10.

Dwarven Firearms: The dwarves of Hartogg and Kartogg, from having provided some material to the Tremorans, have back-engineered a simple form of matchlock firearms. These do not have the armor-peircing power of Tremoran weapons, and are less accurate and more prone to failure.

Details for using Dwarven Firearms:

Reloading a Dwarven firearm takes two full round actions, each of which provokes an attack of opportunity. The Rapid Reload feat shortens this duration to one full round action.
Since the bullet of a Dwarven firearm is smaller than the diameter of the barrel, it bounces down the barrel when the gun is fired, leaving the barrel in an essentially random direction. For this reason, a character wielding a Dwarven firearm cannot apply his Dexterity bonus to his attack roll, though any Dexterity penalty still applies. Also, the attack takes a -2 penalty to hit. This penalty can be eliminated on a Musket or Arquebus (but not Caliver) by bracing the weapon on its built-in monopod, a move action.
Dwarven firearms are also prone to misfire. On a critical miss, (a natural 1), immediately role 1d20 and consult the misfires table on the next page. In inclement weather, a natural 2-5 also results in fouling of the weapon for 4 rounds (described below).
Dwarven Firearms
Name Damage Critical Range Cost Weight
Musket 2d6 x3 30 ft 500 10
Arquebus 2d8 x3 20 ft 750 20
Caliver 2d4 X3 20 ft 650 8

Though a Caliver is designed to be fired with both hands (from horseback), its size is small enough that it can be fired one-handed by someone with the Firearms Proficiency feat, albeit at an additional -2 penalty to hit.
An Arquebus takes two charges of powder (20 chares = ˝ lb) to fire. If it breechfires (see below), it also deals 1d4 damage to characters adjacent to the shooter.

Tremoran Firearms: The development of the flintlock, and the standardization of barrels, has allowed the Tremorans to create more advanced firearms, which pack more power, and are more accurate and reliable.

Details for using Tremoran Firearms:

Unless otherwise noted, reloading a Tremoran firearm takes two full round actions, each of which provokes an attack of opportunity. The Rapid Reload feat shortens this duration to one full round action.
Tremoran firearms are more accurate than Dwarven firearms, but are still not excellent. All attacks with a Tremoran firearm take a -1 penalty to hit. However, characters may apply their dexterity bonus (if they have one) to an attack with a Tremoran firearm.
Tremoran firearms tend to misfire less drastically than Dwarven ones. On a critical miss, consult the misfires table. As with Dwarven firearms, a natural 2-5 in inclement weather results in the fouling of the firearm for 4 rounds.

Misfires Table
1d20 Dwarven Firearm Tremoran Firearm
1-2 Broken and breechfire Broken and breechfire
3-4 Broken and breechfire Broken
5-7 Broken Broken
8-9 Broken Fouled for 4 rounds
10-16 Fouled for 4 rounds Fouled for 4 rounds
17-18 Fouled for 4 rounds Fouled for 2 rounds
19-20 Misfire Misfire

A breechfire results in the weapon’s damage being dealt to the wielder. A fouled weapon must be cleaned out (with the indicated number of full-round actions, which provoke attacks of opportunity) and then reloaded before use.
Tremoran firearms pack enough punch that armor is more-or-less irrelevant. Therefore, all attacks with Tremoran firearms gain a bonus equal to the targets armor bonus plus shield bonus. Note that this does not include deflection bonuses, force bonuses, natural armor bonuses, or other AC-raising effects.
Tremoran Firearms
Name Damage Critical Range Cost Weight
Snaplock Pistol 2d4 x3 10 350 3
Blunderbuss Pistol 2d8 x2 5 400 6
Combat Pistol 2d6 x3 20 550 3
Snaplock Musket 2d8 x3 30 450 14
Blunderbuss Musket 2d10 x2 5 450 14
Combat Musket 2d10 x3 40 700 10
Grenade 4d6 -- 10 150 ⅓

Blunderbusses are designed for close ranges, and fire shot rather than a bullet. A blunderbuss suffers a -2 penalty to damage for each range increment after the second.
Grenades use the rules for splash weapons with regards to missing. (See page 202 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook). A grenade must be lit (from a punk or open flame source) as a move action the round it is thrown. Splash damage is 1d12.

Availability of Firearms: Though the above tables list costs for firearms, they are very hard to acquire outside of Tremor. The Dwarves only make limited numbers of their firearms, mostly for testing purposes, though they have sold some to other nations. However, those that exist are likely under the exclusive control of military forces. Snaplock firearms are an older model of Tremoran firearms, and are legal for citizens of Tremor, who have completed their mandatory military service, to own, though selling or bringing one outside of Tremor is a capital offence. Blunderbusses and “combat” firearms are under the exclusive control of the Tremoran military.
These prices, therefore, are to allow for balance at character creation. These weapons are not available in stores and would likely fetch significantly more than this (outside of Hartogg, Kartogg, and Tremor) if sold to the right individuals.

Associated Equipment:

Ammunition: Ammunition for firearms other than Blunderbusses is lead bullets. Dwarven firearms do not have standardized bullet sizes, and Tremoran-scale bullets are not available outside of Tremor. A character with the Firearms Proficiency feat can make their own bullets from sling bullets with a Craft(Gunsmithing) check DC 10. In Tremor, bullets for snaplock muskets sell for rates similar to those for sling bullets.
Powder: Powder is sold by the half-pound (in Tremor) and provides charge for 20 shots. A half-pound of powder in Tremor sells for 14gp. Powder can also be made from blasting powder, which sells for 10gp for the half-pound. Powder can be stored in horns or casks, which cost 4gp each. Powder is spoiled if it gets wet and can be restored to functionality with a Craft(Chemistry) or Craft(Gunsmithing) check of DC 10. If a cask of powder detonates, it does damage equivalent to a grenade.