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2010-11-07, 05:58 PM
I need a system to be used by a group of barbarian tribes which has specifically rejected arcane magic. This group frequently goes up against Demonic forces. This system is an attempt at a viable ruleset which gives these tribes a method of making the type of equipment they need to go toe-2-toe with powerful enemies while keeping with their designed style. Please let me know what you think :smallsmile:

Note: This system was designed for a Pathfinder campaign.

Totem Making
- Totems are effectively temporary magical items made using body parts from defeated creatures
- Totems can mimic any magical item with the following restrictions:
- - They last only 1 week.
- - They must occupy a a body space (or be placed on a weapon or shield)
- - There must not be a magical item occupying the same space
- - They must be made using parts of the body of something killed in the last 24 hours (gentle repose can extend this).
- - They must mimic or be based on an ability the slain creature possessed.
- - They cannot be used to recreate spells or spell-like abilities possessed by the slain creature. (eg: to make a totem of invisibility, you would need to kill an invisible stalker, not an Imp).
- - To make an Ability boosting item, the slain creature must have had an ability score of 10+(2*target boost); (eg: to make a +2 dex totem, fallen creature must have had a dex of 14).
- - An important exception is that any creatures body can be used to make a totem which grants a weapon a “bane” trait vs. that type of creature.
- - If they are used to mimic an activated effect, they work only 5 times (and still last only 1 week).
- The totem maker must expend ingredients equalling 1/25th the value the item would have if crafted normally (eg: to make a totem of +2 dex, the crafter would spend 160 gp in ingredients); usually the ingredients are incense & special powders such as silver dust, but different groups have different formulas.
- Making a Totem requires a successful knowledge check instead of a Spellcraft check. The DC is the same, and the player must use the Knowledge skill relevant to get information on the dead creature they working from ('The Planes' for demons, 'Nature' for animals, etc.)
- New feat: Craft Totem: Taking this feat enables the player to craft temporary magic items called Totems. Prereqs: Heal, 1 rank; Knowledge (any), 4 ranks.