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2010-11-08, 05:01 AM
How would a god look like when viewed with a True Seeing spell/sla? For instance, if a being with such ability was loitering in, say, the Ethereal Plane and saw Corellon Larethian in his Elf form, Divine Aura set at range 0, talking to some Astral Devas? What would the creature see? An incredibly beautiful Elf or would the divinity be visible somehow?
Of course, using Detect Good or Detect Magic would probably blind the being... like this: http://darkencomic.com/?webcomic_post=20051019 :smalltongue:

2010-11-08, 05:15 AM
True seeing basically only sees through magical disguises of any kind

However, when gods change form, it's not magical it's extraordinary, thus it'd work in anti-magic field and would require a high spot check to see past, and true sight would not help.

Basically you'd see him in his Elf Form.

2010-11-08, 06:32 AM
The one time that my current campaign has actually seen a god, I've run it as them seeing what the god wanted them to see.

It was a grumpy, eccentric old mage with a penchant for fireballs and a shadow that was actually that of a dragon (Bahamut, who was incognito at the time).

These are ancient, immortal, divine beings. Mortal magic will tickle them more than it will actually worry them, or reveal them. And that's how I run them when they appear, because they are so much more than the PCs, being an entirely different class of being.

2010-11-08, 08:42 AM
Thank you for your replies. My thoughts were on the same line, a mortal would have a hard time indeed spotting divinity if a god wished to go incognito. But how about powerful outsiders, such as solars, demon and devil lords? Could a god fool them by dropping visible trappings of divinity? My first guess would be that yes, a god could walk amongst the angels unrecognized, even evil ones.